The burgers Marius workshop

L’Atelier de Marius for those who do not know is a Burger restaurant located in Clermont-Ferrand, Place Delille. The Marius Workshop offers you to eat on site or have it delivered, for the moment home delivery is only possible on Clermont-Fd.

L'Atelier de Marius Burger Restaurant

The concept : Fresh products & Auvergne premises

The house specialty : The Burger, but beware of the industrialist, homemade, with quality Auvergne products. The fries are made with potatoes that have grown in Limagne, the bread was kneaded from a Ravel bakery, the meat of Salers from producers of Puy de Dôme and Cantal, Cantal, the Salers, Fourme d'Ambert and Saint-Nectaire Fermier, a farm in Livradois Forez and an independent refiner in Cantal, Cantal beer, sparkling water from Italy… In short everything is 99% local ! 😉

Recipes at the Saint-Nectaire fermier

Let's come to what interests us, the Saint-Nectaire, if we know that it is the ingredient of several burger recipes, this is what the Atelier de Marius card offers you : 5 burgers with farmer's Saint-Nectaire. Vegetarian, beef, the cocorico, the august and the augustine.

The opinion of the taster

I discovered this address on the advice of a loved one whom I had asked : Where to eat the best burger in Clermont ?
When I got there I expected to find a channel, or rather a snack that would only have the original title. Oh what was my surprise to receive a warm welcome and a menu offering local products. For vegetarians, the menu even suggests replacing the meat of any burger with a vegetable pancake (A true delight). The plate, or rather the board and the slate is plentiful, the fries are served in a cooking basket, the burger is well structured, the bread is not soggy with the juice or the sauce and the filling is very tasty, for meat, perfect cooking, according to my request.

Note that if I praise what I could eat, know that I have no action at The Marius Workshop, no free burger, none of that. Just when it's good I say it, or rather I write it… Anyway, I'm not the only one to say it…You just need to read the various reviews on the Internet…

And you ? Have you ever eaten one of Marius' sandwiches ?

You were there ? You ordered delivery ? You enjoyed yourself ? You did not like ? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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