The waterfall of la Barthe

A lovely little waterfall between lac Pavin and lac Chauvet, If you're in the area…

Traffic sign of the cascade and GR

Located on the Picherande municipality It lies between Clamouze bridge and the Lac Chauvet, When you come from Picherande (Departmental 203) the waterfall is shown on your left, You then follow a small road to the parking. Then follow the GR30 which will take you directly to it in less than a quarter of an hour, a wide path easily passable by the whole family.

Boardwalk Neuffonds stream

Refreshing by fog it elicits in summer, You can contemplate at the top and cross the Neuffonds stream with a nice little wood bridge. On this ancient lava flow the waterfall is done in two stages, first on a rock-shaped staircase then the vertical.

Top of waterfall

For those who wish to It is possible to go down at the bottom of the waterfall, but the path is wet, steep and slippery… Stay extremely cautious.

It is also accessible in winter with snowshoes. Attention however if you decide to approach you : Do not slide because the descent is steep and the snow or ice can make you fall.

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