The Vaucoux waterfall

Since Besse en Chandesse Compains direction and stop you in the forest just before the bridge of Anglard to go see the waterfall of Vaucoux.

Panel cascade Vaucoux or Anglard

A small space allows you to park your car at the entrance to the path that descends to the Creek of Vaucoux. Continue straight for about 10 minutes before finally has small pontoons wood then cascade. Be careful because markets can be slippery because the ambient humidity of the river and the undergrowth. Use extra vigilance when it rains to avoid any slipping.

Waterfall Vaucoux or Anglard

The bridge over water courses gives you a breathtaking view over this waterfall in addition of 10 metres in height. There still, keep one hand on the ramp to avoid injury.

Location and access map

Since Saint Nectaire, direction Besse, Once arrived at the medieval, Simply Market on the right, the roundabout offers you to turn left towards Compains onto road 36. Get out of the city, continue and enter the forest, a few minutes later the waterfall indicated you on your left.

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