Glisse and fromages AOP

All cheeses PDO D'Auvergne years find you on the slopes for the inevitable slips and cheese.

The last two weeks of February and 2 first weeks of March, venue :

Find the Auvergne cheeses on the ski slopes. Tastings, quiz, meetings with producers.

  • Taste the PDO cheeses : Saint Nectaire, Cantal, Fourme d'Ambert and Salers Free tasting !
  • When ? : End of February, early March, nearly a month of celebration !
  • Flagship events : Racing sleds children and adults, fun activities, recipes, thematic quiz, lots…
Module ModuGames

A playground is dedicated to young children, with routes, slides, sleds and even a groomer, All en mousse ! Space for toddlers, space for larger so it does not interfere with each other during their games.

Find the full program, revenue, the contest and all the information you need on the official website, however unnecessary to refer you to, the site is no longer functional.

Wow the cow ! !

Slides & Cheese, the meeting place for lovers of winter sports and Auvergne PDO. During almost a month these products terroirs are honored, vacationers will finally be able to taste the authentic cheese and place it on the same stay. Find the mascot of the event Meuhlissa and cheese producers in the heart of this open to the public party.

More qui est Meuhlissa ? It is a cow with red scarf flowing down the slopes on his sled, it is easily recognizable thanks to its two-tone coat (Green & Blue).

Meuhlissa also cooks, it offers many recipes as ingredients, guess what : THE AOP course !

It is of 9 February 4 March 2015…
Poster 2015

Previous editions

It was the 17 February 12 March 2014…
Poster 2014

It was the 18 February 13 March 2013…
Poster 2013

Ancienne affiche 2012

It was Monday 13 February until Friday 9 March 2012. A place of honor by PDO tastings, animations, and gifts with eg contests : After answering the multiple choice questionnaire Organizing website, winners walked away with WE in hotels 3 star Sancy. The winner will be well spent 2 day and night Mercure Saint Nectaire.
It also took place on the lower slopes of all Alpine resorts of Sancy, Super Besse, Le Mont Dore, the Lioran, Chastreix. But also the start of cross-country skiing in Pessade, Prat de Bouc, at Lake Guery and Pailherols.

During the fourth, mascot Meulissa had a girlfriend, another cow called Rosabelle and is in the form of an inflatable castle. She welcomed children in a playful space to discover the principle of trafficking, Indeed, the milk used in the production of PDO is well udder of the animal and not the brick mall. 😉

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