Godiv'Art : Land Art in the Godivelle

Want to get some air ? Want to discover the Cézallier and including La Godivelle ? Appointment of the 16 June at the 29 September 2019 for the event Godiv'Art Season 3.

Inspired by another Auvergne Land Art festival, Godiv'Art is meant to be a parallel to the event which takes place in the Sancy : Horizons Sancy.

Godiv'Art wish through this event to highlight the link between peasant world, nature and art. To stick to its values, all art installations are made from natural materials, recycled content, or using renewable energy.

Participate actively in the event !

To support this unique cultural event in the Cézallier, you have several options, come discover the works and/or in creating a !

From June to September : As a visitor/Viewer

Between 14 and 28 Works will be available, located in the village of La Godivelle and the surrounding nature (The Cézallier) enjoy many routes of walks with each time a work at discover. A day to discover the work of artists, the richness of the Cézallier, the natural treasures of La Godivelle : Within the village, to the Church, near the bottom Lake, towards the Lake from the top, in peatlands, at the heart of the forest…

Go to La Godivelle to try to resolve 6 puzzles Godiv'Art ! Participate each month in the draw to possibly win a Saint-Nectaire ! (See the rules and participate)

Become one of the event's artists

Open to amateur artists, If you say “But I am not an artist, This does not !” think again, you simply ignore for the moment that you are an artist, There is no need to be an artist known or recognized to participate ! Reveal you at this cultural event and apply now, all applications are accepted. Registration deadline : Fin mars. The conditions for participation are available in the section official rules the website of Godiv'Art.

Website of Godiv'Art : http://www.godiv-art.fr

Note that if you love painting, The Godivelle also offers artists a painting competition in the month of July.

3 thoughts on “Godiv'Art : Land Art in the Godivelle

  1. La Godivelle is a pretty village which is perfect for this kind of event ! Haste to discover and rediscover godivart La Godivelle 🙂

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