The Sancy GolfCross (Unique in France)

You know the golf course ? You know the rugby ? Discover the golfcross : A combination of these two disciplines. 40 hectares to play Easter Halloween !

If everyone knows that Auvergne is a land of rugby, It now hosts the first golfcross course french !

Presentation by Télématin (France2)

Principle of discipline

It is practised as classic golf with a club, the precision and concentration.
What differentiates it :

  • It has no hole but goals. They are pivotable, you have the right to turn in your favor according to 3 positions pre established only if your ball is in the yard (Near the end zone).
  • The ball is round not oval. Following the force and angle with which you type, following the angle of the ball on the ground, According to the areas of impacts, a multitude of trajectories are possible.

As in golf, to win must be the goal with the least possible moves.

As soon as practicable 8 year tariff announced for access to the course and an initiation is €10 per person. Count also Additionally the deposit of the rental equipment.

Location and access map

Address : The Cros, Snow Chambon 1200, 63790 Chambon-sur-Lac.

More information on the official website of the golfcross.

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