Short walk to Lake Chauvet

Located close to Picherande in the heart of the Monts Dore he formed there around 150 000 years.

Housed at 1162 metres above sea level this Lake of volcanic origin of a surface 54 HA is deep 86 meters.

Surrounded by a forest and half by fields is a private Lake, bathing, boating and fishing are prohibited. However, you can come see it by parking your car at the entrance to the dedicated parking.

The waters of maar

Contreplongée Lake Chauvet

Lake View Chauvet

You can walk along the shore on nearly half of its circumference but it is, however, difficult to make the circle complete. The first part provides a nice ballad on a path wide and accessible from all, expect less of 30 minutes return.

1952 : Unidentified flying objects

In 1952 Geologist André Fregnale photographed survolants objects Lake, What panic the UFO enthusiast community. The negatives were analysed by a french astrophysicist Pierre Guérin who announced qu’There had not been a tricks

More information on these photographs of UFOs.

2014 : Overview in drone

This time, the purpose is clearly identified, It's a drone with camera onboard for an overview of the Lake.

If the sound a little prick ears, the images still give a nice overview of the beauty of the place and its surroundings.

August 1976 to August 1995 : A presidential walk place

Every summer during 19 years, François Mitterrand came to enjoy a moment of relaxation and conviviality at lac Chauvet. These intimate moments have been the subject of a documentary by Marc-Alexis Roquejoffre and Barcha Bauer : Lac Chauvet Walker, co-produced by the Lantern Productions, the France Télévisions group and the former local chain Clermont 1st, with the support of the Foundation Varenne.

Below : The trailer.

How to get there

Since Saint-NECTAIRE, follow the road of Besse-en-Chandesse, then Super-Besse, then Picherande, parking is located to the left onto road 203.

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