The trails of the lac de Montcineyre

A natural site protected between pastures and beech forest, ideal place for a walk is also one of the stages of the GR30.

Puy Lake Montcineyre

Located in the commune of Compains in the Cézallier It is perched 1182 metres above sea level on an area of 40 hectares. Crescent-shaped it surrounds the Puy of the same name since around 6000 years, its depth does not exceed the 18 meters.

Lake Montcineyre
A Lake of volcanic origin, its formation is due to a Puy Montcineyre from lava flow (1331m) having blocked the course of the river passing to his feet.

GR or waterfront trail ?

In arriving opposite the Lake you can directly take on the right to follow the wide path and thus take the direction of the Lake Pavin. Alternatively, you can take on your left and follow a small path that runs along the foot of the Puy Montcineyre, a journey between forest and banks.

A private property : Fishing and swimming formally prohibited

House bordering Lake

Victim of its beauty it was long stormed, It is now monitored on all around. Panels you recall from the entrance to the site until the end of its banks.
It is now owned by the SIVOM of the Region of Issoire to the protection of this natural site and the exploitation of its waters. It is therefore strictly forbidden fishable and swimmable.

Access and location

To access, take the GR30 located between Compains and the plateau where Bourdouze Lake. You can park at the entrance to the path at the edge of the road 36, then continue for a quarter of an hour before discovering the Lake.

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