Two routes for the ascent of the Puy de Sancy

Borne sommet du Sancy

You want to climb to the top of the Puy de Sancy and thus culminated the Massif Central to 1885 metres of altitude ?

Attention, If weather is a real pleasure, by bad weather this can be dangerous, keep rather in station and take advantage of the proposed activities.

In winter with snowshoes, careful not to go down the slopes of downhill skiing ! It is forbidden because you might get hit.

In summer with hiking shoes, care not to pass by the downhill mountain bike trails, There is also risk of collision, they are indicated by signs, You can't miss them but keep an eye out all same.

There are many routes but you will find here the most classic two and those for the feneants. In fact starting from one of the ski resorts (Super-Besse or Le Mont-Dore) You can do most of the ascent by cable car.
If to appreciate fully we recommend to climb to the top to feet, those accompanied by very young children prefer can be the route with only 20 minutes of stairs (110 metres of elevation difference).
Escaliers du Sancy

Since the Mont-Dore in the North

Leave the station of the town of le Mont-Dore and count approximately 1 time to reach the Summit of the Sancy, you borrow tracks and join the north face or wider stairways await you. Weather permitting, cannot get lost because you constantly have your goal in sight. In bad weather we advise you not to embark on the rise, a you enjoy the sight of, two it can be dangerous and you risk with fog to lose yourself…

With the cable car from Mont-Dore

Flexible hours depending on the season and the weather. Closed from early April to early may for the servicing and maintenance.

Count 5 minute climb with the cable car that brings you a 1775 meters, It follows more 800 markets to climb is still 20 minutes before reaching the Summit.

Since Super-Besse in the Southeast

You can decide to leave from the parking lot of the center of the station or of ermine Lake.
You can start the hike and climb to the Puy de la Perdrix (Arrival of the eponymous), then continue in the direction of the Sancy that you will see from the first orientation table (Partridge). You then switch the Puy Ferrand (Second table) and continue in the direction of the Puy de Sancy, count about 45 walk.

From the bottom of the station You can also borrow a part of the GR4 and then join the GR30, you will then follow a signposted route traced between Puy Ferrand and Puy wholesale.
Vue du versant sud du Sancy
Arriving on the last ascent you have two options, take the South face, very steep and undeveloped or bypass in the direction of the cable car to mount through the landscaped stairs.

With the cableway Partridge

Less 10 minutes from the centre of the resort at the foot of the Puy de la Perdrix, The Ballad begins with two tables of guidelines (Partridge and Ferrand), Since the release of the cabin, join the Summit of the Sancy in a little less than an hour.
Attention to return to not go too late at the risk of missing the last cabin pour la descente 😉 Sinon vous devrez descendre à pieds.

A panorama 360 ° throughout the Auvergne and in the past

Once at the top enjoy breathtaking (weather permitting) an icy wind or (in bad weather) ! Views of the four valleys : Chaudefour Northeast, the fountain salt South, the Dordogne River in the North and the DOE to the West. But also peaks and rocks : Puy Ferrand, Puy wholesale, tooth the grudge… The Lakes : Pavin, Chauvet, Bourdouze, Chauvert, Montcineyre, Chambon… The plateaus of the Cézallier, of the Limagne and the reblochon… And Saint-Nectaire !!!

Table d'orientation du Sancy

If you plan to bring your binoculars, they can be useful to you, to see the Bell Tower of the Church par exemple 😉

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  1. cavellierchantal says:

    nous regrettons de n avoir pas été assez informé au niveau de la dernière montée en téléphérique qui a peine arrivé a la dernière partie de la montée au niveau des marches avons été informé que 15 minutes after the cable car left knowing that it takes 1 half hour to join being forced to back down has foot and not practicable path

  2. Gardais amandine says:

    Pouvez vous me dire si le site sera ouvert le 2 may 2019 ?

    • says:

      Le Puy de Sancy est un site ouvert toute l’année, il peut ne pas être accessible ou présenter un risque selon la météo ou les conditions climatiques du moment, snow, vent, verglas, …

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