The 'aligot' of the bougnat


L’aligot, an authentic dish traditionally based on volume but also cuisine Saint Nectaire.
Tuber mixture and cheese novices often confused with la truffade yet these two recipes have almost have nothing ! Apart from the presence of Solanaceae and Saint Nectaire in the same dish…

The 'aligot' of the bougnat

The note of the papillae : 41

Preparation time : 30 minutes

Cooking time : 30 minutes

Total time : 1 hour

Number of shares : 4


  • 1 keel of Pomme de terre
  • 1/2 Saint Nectaire
  • 2 or 3 cloves of garlic
  • 100 grams of fresh heavy cream
  • 30 grams of butter
  • You seal, the pepper....


  1. To start peeling potatoes, place them in a pot of water boiling. Depending on the variety of potato, their size and the volume of water count about 25 minutes baking. If you only have large potatoes, nothing prevents you to cut 2 or 3 for rapid cooking.
  2. While the potatoes cook, prepare the garlic and cut it up in small pieces, it is best to grind or chop finely, they will be incorporated into the mixture at the end of recipe.
  3. Continue cutting the Saint Nectaire cheese fairly thin blade and without crust.
  4. When the potatoes are cooked (Prick with a knife) remove from pan and drain all then use the press puree into a homogeneous mixture. At this time add the garlic and stir by adding butter, cream, salt and pepper.
  5. Put the pan on low heat add the cheese one by one while mixing. Continue to mix so that the cheese becomes impregnated in the preparation, move your spoon over the pan and check the consistency and, the aligot should be homogeneous and tights so to speak but some would say that you should see a smooth Ribbon of aligot.... Continue as long as you don't get a fine paste, without lumps, remember that the texture must seem elastic !


Once ready, gather your guests, serve hot with a salad and country ham.

Bon appetite !