Its success is now Saint-NECTAIRE cheese on the map of many brands of fast food menus. Wanting to enjoy the wave of consumption “local” PDO cheeses are now included in many recipes.
On the spot or to take away it is now part of your burgers, pizzas and sandwiches… Not convinced by their cooking receipe, we are often disappointed that this authentic ingredient is not really highlighted. You can tell us if you really find the taste of your PDO in these “cooking” flavors often sanitized. Would you like to prepare your hamburger ? Pizza from good local products, in particular a good farmer cheese ? ;-)

Les burgers de L’atelier de Marius

L’Atelier de Marius pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas est un restaurant de Burger installé à Clermont-Ferrand, Place Delille.

The sandwich of Mac Donald's

Mac Donald

José Bové reassures or not, it is not yet planned to implement a McDonalds in the city of Saint Nectaire.

The cheese sensations in PizzaHut ?

Pizza Hut

Sensation Saint-Nectaire : Reserved for lovers fast food and industrial pizzas… 😉

The straw-burger COURTEPAILLE…

Courtepaille offers are small burger Cheese Saint Nectaire.

And Speed Burger ?

Logo Speed Burger

Speed Burger, specializing in the delivery of sandwich chain now offers his burger in Saint Nectaire.

The small forest at the Ninkasi

Brasserie Ninkasi

A time-limited edition, you have the entire month of January 2015 for a snack.