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Les burgers de L’atelier de Marius

L’Atelier de Marius pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas est un restaurant de Burger installé à Clermont-Ferrand, Place Delille.

The sandwich of Mac Donald's

Mac Donald

José Bové reassures or not, it is not yet planned to implement a McDonalds in the city of Saint Nectaire.

The cheese sensations in PizzaHut ?

Pizza Hut

Sensation Saint-Nectaire : Reserved for lovers fast food and industrial pizzas… 😉

The straw-burger COURTEPAILLE…

Courtepaille offers are small burger Cheese Saint Nectaire.

And Speed Burger ?

Logo Speed Burger

Speed Burger, specializing in the delivery of sandwich chain now offers his burger in Saint Nectaire.

The small forest at the Ninkasi

Brasserie Ninkasi

A time-limited edition, you have the entire month of January 2015 for a snack.