Le fromage AOP

Everything about this local : From its history to its refining learn how to choose and cook ? It has an appellation controlled and protected, framed its production ensures a superior cheese and consistent quality to its origins.

If it is only produced in a defined area of the Puy de Dome it is sold everywhere in France and even beyond its borders. Fill your plate by buying a Saint Nectaire, specialized-shop, in the restaurant or directly at the farm, you cal also find it on the internet.

Direct sales : Map of farmers

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Centuries of history

In the 17th century Marshal of France Henri de la Ferte Sennecterre introduced into the court of the Sun King Saint Nectaire cheese famous.
In less than a century he knows how to make a spot on the tables of the French nobility. Indeed, from the 18th century St Nectaire is not only a popular cheese from Auvergne

An appellation of origin and protected

The Auvergne soil is rich in Saint Nectaire, to protect what makes it exceptional is now controlled and has a protected designation of origin. At the heart of the Central Massif between Puy de Dôme and Cantal is held here every production AOP.

Recipe “secret” Saint Nectaire


It is one of the emblems of the Auvergne gourmet terroir. With its nutty taste the Saint Nectaire is produced in Auvergne, by the farmer, slag him it refines and sells throughout France.

The specifications of the AO

Cahier des charges

The PDO cheese must meet the specifications, It thus enhances terroir and especially a know-how passed down from generation to generation.

The ripening and maturation

Saint Nectaire eat mostly refined and not fresh, it is thus left to mature for a few weeks or months before tasting. Fresh product arrives cellar to be stored and treated regularly throughout its maturation time.

The Petit-Saint-Nectaire

Fromage Petit-Saint-Nectaire AOP

The specifications of the PDO cheese admits two types of sizes for the cheese, the classic that everyone knows but also the small.

How to choose your cheese ?

Before choosing a cheese must first identify what is the need, quel usage will : For a recipe or to complement a cheese platter ?
A non St Nectaire, of Saint Nectaire because there are a multitude, fresh cheese ripened cheese maturation stages give different flavors.

What happens to the whey after manufacture ?

Petit lait

If up there from whey the production of cheese cheese was collected, He was not valued.

Freeze your cheese ! ?

Purists and cheese lovers in general will tell you that it is unthinkable to freeze a St Nectaire… Maturation one effet a permanent, it is the same principle cheese, freeze is cutting this evolution. From another point of view it is also a good way to keep for later.

Two scientific studies : The crust

But why there no crust on the cheese ? A quoi sert elle ? What exactly is this layer that most of the time we prefer not to eat…

Home delivery ?

You want it delivered at home ? Order it online… A crime for some… Good practice for other…