Whether on TV, on inserts or advertising panels, radio or internet, the PDO receives all the praise. We obviously talking about him in the press and on many food blogs where it is honored in recipes.
Find your favorite through campaigns pub PDO, commercial actions or simple reports and surveys, caution the Saint-NECTAIRE storm the media !

Promote your business on StNectaire.com ?

Poignée de mains

Producers, tradespeople, professionals : Always offer you more visibility !

Roots and wings on France 3 (November 2017)

France 3

Sur les chemins du Massif Central, voici l’intitulé de ce reportage roots and wings proposed by France 3 This Wednesday 8 November 2017 at 20:55.

The AOP to the International Fair of Agriculture in Paris

Salon de l'agriculture

International exhibitors, animals, products of the soil : Welcome to the agriculture fair.

The cheese for Dummies on France blue countries of Auvergne

France Bleu Pays d'Auvergne

End 2016 and beginning 2017 France blue D'Auvergne country local radio broadcast several radio shows titled Le fromage pour les nuls.

Roots and wings on France 3 (September 2016)

France 3

Passion heritage : In Auvergne, from Oregon to the Cantal, This is the title of the last story roots and wings proposed by France 3 This Wednesday 14 September 2016 at 20:55.

The favorite of the french village 2015 on France 2

France 2

The village of Saint-NECTAIRE participates in the fourth edition of “favorite of the French village” on France2.

“Official Circle of Girls Cheese And maybe more”

Alexandra Rosenfeld

The C.O.F.F.E. (Official Circle of Girls Cheese And maybe more)
A collective which aims to gather the amateurs (and amateurs) french cheese by cutting short the stereotypes eating habits.
It is also an exhibition of photography featuring lights the ambassadors and their favorite cheeses.

17/10/2014 : Bing.com homepage

Logo moteur de recherche Bing.fr

Friday 17 October 2014 : Bing Displays home page dozens of cheeses being mature…

Hermine the From'Girls : September 2014

Hermine de Saint Nectaire

Hermine Saint-Nectaire is back in the calendar Pin'Up From’Girls, this year 2014 you will find it on the sheet of September !

The Bellonte farm on TF1

Find a small report on the Bellonte farm in Anne-Claire Coudray newscast on TF1 (Sunday 22 December 2013).

Advertising campaign in November 2013

Saint-Nectaire campaigning again from Monday 4 November 2013.

Short film : “Soldier of St-Nectaire”

3 (students audiovisual) + 1 (Shipping Auvergne) = 1 Short film ! 🙂

The promotional campaign of Mars 2013

At the end of March 2013 Saint-Nectaire campaigning again, you will discover two famous magazines : Current woman & TV Magazine.

Ultra Gourmand Magazine – IC1

For its sixth edition MUG offers a report on the production and refining of Saint-Nectaire.

The Chronicles of Mercotte

Here is a selection of Chronic Saint-Nectaire Jacqueline de Mercorelli, food critic best known under the pseudonym Mercotte. Free listening here or on his blog.

GAEC des Monts Dore on channel 1

Discover the story of the newscast Jacques Legros from a producer of Saint Nectaire.

Miss Hermine in From'Girls calendar 2012

Do you know Hermine ? Not ? Yet with his name particle is a star that embodies itself in October and Saint Nectaire.

The poster campaign 4×3

Discover the latest advertising campaign Saint Nectaire cheese or how the Auvergne cuisine invaded French territory.

Since the end of September in over a hundred cities in France bloom huge 4×3 dedicated to the promotion of Saint Nectaire. In the streets and even in the heart of Paris Metro on the merits we sale already well known product typically Auvergne.