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Share with us your homemade recipe


Have a recipe that you alone have the secret and you want to share ? It's here..

The 10 preparations Véronique Chapacou

Livre de recette

To discover original preparations, Here is a collection of 10 revenue based solely on Saint-Nectaire by Véronique Chapacou.

The 'aligot' of the bougnat


L’aligot, an authentic dish traditionally based on volume but also cuisine Saint Nectaire.

To withstand winter : The christmas soup


This year, the father-christmas goes ahead and offers a delicious recipe for cheese soup.

'Truffade' with Saint Nectaire


Today explains how simply a truffade with its recipe in Saint Nectaire.

Zucchini gratin with Saint Nectaire


To succeed a delicious courgette gratin, it's pretty simple you just need to put the whole table to feast.

A recipe for 'croque monsieur' ?


Simple and quick to make, croque monsieur adapts very well to Saint Nectaire, much more than the usual tasty bite emmental…

ham puff pastry / Béchamel


One of our readers has its recipe pastry with Saint Nectaire / Béchamel, Quick and easy, try !

St Nectaire potato patties


Learn a delicious recipe for Saint Nectaire and potato, simple and tasty it will be accompanied by an example of a good salad.

The pie


Pie Saint Nectaire is very simple to perform, without being a chef you can prepare in less than 10 minutes.

Of the cheese in chocolate ?


You will not learn to make a Saint Nectaire chocolate, It is rather to discover the work of an artisan chocolatier confectioner located in the area of St-Nectaire AOP.