Sancy Wake Park : Towed Cable Wakeboard (Closed since 10/2015)

The Sancy Wake Park is now closed…

until the end 2015 you were not forced to wait winter and snow to slide in the Sancy, in summer it was enough to go to Sancy WakePark, SWP for intimate 😉
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At only 15 minutes Since Saint-NECTAIRE and to about 40 minutes from Clermont-Ferrand, all on a natural site preserved. If weather allows it, you could then go to Creste for a gliding session with the water ski lift.

An activity that was open to all, both the beginners and confirmed. Single imperative, able to swim at least 50 meters.

The nautical ski : A silent and ecological installation

With the ski lift need more boat, the installation is used to tow with a cable above water. Finished the noise and smoke from engine, slide silently and enjoy your session.
This type of development exists on many bodies of water and pond of France, You can park there skiing, the kneeboard (kneeling), the wakeskate (without mounting feet), and of course the phare wakeboarding discipline !

The return journey (BI-poulies)

It is a trace round trip (And not a loop), Once arrived at the end of the line, you will need to make a u-turn to make the reverse journey. Return to the starting point the principle is the same, perform a new 180 ° turn to beer a second round !

For acrobats and other experienced wakeboarders, floating modules are arranged along side of the course in order to send in the air ! (Mandatory helmet and insurance)

Opening hours and reservations (Closed since 2016)

Open every day from 10 h to 20 h non-stop from early May until end of October 2015.

The facility can accommodate only one person at a time, it was advisable to anticipate and book your session in advance.

Equipment rentals and rates

you find on-site rental boards wakeboard and combinations of different sizes, for your safety It provides you with also helmets and vests (in order to float if dropped). Just remember to take your swimsuit 😉

If you were already equipped, you could of course come with your own gear. You pay while using the ski lift and were exempt from rent.

  • 17€ the session if you come with your hardware
  • 3€ for the rental of a combination
  • 21€ for the session with the Board hire, the combination and the headset

Other tariffs (Packs) :

  • 10 sessions for €150
  • 20 sessions for €260
  • Privatization of the ski lift for 1 time : 80€
  • Privatization of the ski lift for 3 hours : 210€
  • Privatization of the ski lift for 1 day : 770€

Possibility of learning or developmental courses, Special rates for groups and councils.

Access map to the pond

Located at Creste (63320 – Auvergne) Étang de Ribeyre (Ribeire According to Google…)

Itinerary to follow :

  • Since Saint Nectaire, follow the d996 in the direction of Montaigut-le-Blanc, then just before the Rivalet, turn right direction Saint Diery on the D978. Arrived at the battle, take direction Creste onto road 623.
  • From Clermont-Ferrand, take the A75 motorway in the direction of Issoire/Montpellier, pass Cournon on your left and take the exit n ° 6 Champeix/Saint Nectaire. Cross Plauzat, Champeix, Montaigut-le-Blanc then after the Rivalet turn left direction Saint Diery (Departmental 978), arrived at the battle, take the direction of Creste on the D623.

5 thoughts on “Sancy Wake Park : Towed Cable Wakeboard (Closed since 10/2015)

  1. Super home this weekend of Pentecost.
    Sessions for adults as well as for my daughters from 14 and 7 years.
    Excellent pedagogy, my children were able to “rider” from the first minutes. We go back this summer.
    Good season the Sancy Wake Park!

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