Saint Nectaire : A village and an Appellation of Auvergne you discover (the) Saint-Nectaire and its universe 🙂 Saint Nectaire Auvergne is a common but it is also the smaller area AOP France.

You want information relating to this cheese ? How and where is it produced ? How to eat and where to buy ? offers some ideas…

AOP straight from the Massif Central

An authentic and historic cheese ?
Fromage Saint Nectaire

Centuries of experience were necessary to be able to produce the Saint Nectaire cheese as it is today. A pressed uncooked twenty centimeters in diameter Next cheese, There are two types of Saint Nectaire AOP : The farmer and the dairy. A protected designation of origin exclusively for cheeses made from raw milk from a single herd. The farmer St. Nectaire is also produced from raw milk but it is then pressed curd in the day by the dairy producer after each milking (Morning and evening).

Called in the 17th century cheese on rye it further refines its straw. Renowned for centuries the unique taste will even enter the court of the Sun King. Most often manufactured by Madam than Mr, this is a typical local product Auvergne.

For a unique taste ask professionals.

Today served on trays French and international cheeses he has crossed the boundaries of the Puys.

In the city : SPA, nature et culture…

Entrée de Saint NectaireSaint Nectaire, a village in Auvergne Puy de Dôme, which combines culture, nature and gastronomy ! At the heart of Sancy this spa town is part of the Regional Park of the Auvergne volcanoes. In a bosky Bower (Massif des Monts Dore) the city comes to the origin of consolidation between Saint Nectaire High (Church) and Saint Nectaire down (Baths).

Alkaline waters that stimulate goers since the 18th century, with nearly 40 sources in the city, the water temperature can reach 56 ° C. Recommended for kidney problems that water has been delighting spa-goers. During rehabilitation and rest for sports fans, one spa treatment may be considered to relieve muscles and joints.

Explore and discover Auvergne region

A few kilometers further on foot or by car enjoy the fresh mountain air, a walk in the paths marked, Lakeside, to rivers and waterfalls. Take the assault Auvergne mountains of the Natural Regional Park of the Volcanoes of Auvergne, a single protected area preserving rural heritage. For the 200% nature, discover the Domes, of 1465 meters the Puy de Dome to 1886 meters for Puy de Sancy, Mounts Cézallier and Monts du Cantal will also delight fans of hiking.

The surrounding rural villages

Dotted around the countryside many villages, villages and small towns to be discovered. Whether for a particular location, typical buildings, une original active, do not hesitate to go either for a small sightseeing tour or a festivity. Your map or your GPS will get you there by road without problems. To name a few : Murol, Besse en Chandesse, Le Mont Dore, La Bourboule, La Godivelle, Brion, be curious, there are plenty of villages to discover in the Sancy and Cézallier.

To the extent possible know that’it is even more enjoyable to discover some of these places on foot, arrival by leaving trails appear gradually surprise, it is really worth.

Authenticity in your plates

Both in restaurants Saint Nectaire city and in its surroundings, hostels, the hosts and other tables will seduce you with revenue authentic cuisine, Auvergne regional dishes and home to visit.

Side of sports

Large spaces around next season will make you discover the region otherwise. The winter and summer mountain activities allow many, So take air Auvergne bowl !

In the summer and half season

Access to many sports will delight fans : Depending on the weather, your hobbies you can do at leisure to Hiking, riding rides, December danced in vélo or motorized ... Passion climbing : Large areas of infrastructure are there to greet you, walls appointed balisées.Pour fishermen : Rivers and lakes. Bathing, games, non-exhaustive list…

In winter

In winter you are close to ski resorts deemed in Auvergne : Descent, skating, skating, sledge, sled ... You choose your wintersports. Note also for those who prefer ice rink in Super Besse and a stage in the Andros trophy across the Lake of hermine.

Business tourism and seminars

An ideal place for your seminar in Auvergne, in the heart of Auvergne, less than an hour from Clermont-Ferrand, in the Massif du Sancy… For your corporate event, a green setting, the comfort of a spa, activities 100% nature and Auvergne gastronomy.