Home delivery ?

You want it delivered at home ? Order your PDO by phone or online, practical and without leaving your home…

Ask to have your Saint Nectaire delivered to your home by the producer, it's possible.

List of producers who deliver at home

Despite the Coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19), Saint-Nectaire production continues, with many closed markets and the confinement which does not allow you to go to the farm to buy your cheese. Producers need your mobilization.

To help producers, place an order and have it delivered, you will allow them to maintain their activity.
To place an order, contact the producers, group your orders with your family, your neighbors. Do not hesitate to order several cheeses, you can eat it with bread, but also cook it, also remember that Saint-Nectaire freezes very well. Cut it into quarters and find all its flavors even after thawing.

Deliveries to Clermont-Fd and agglomeration

  • Clos farm in Cournols : Order by SMS at 06 15 39 80 77 / Delivery to Clermont sud : Romagnat, Aydat, Saint-Saturnin, Saint-Amant-Tallende, Cournon Auvergne, Pont-du-Château…
  • GAEC des Violets in Aurières : Order by phone at 06 74 83 76 63

Deliveries to Issoire and nearby municipalities

Deliveries to Riom

  • Clos farm in Cournols : Order by SMS at 06 15 39 80 77 / Delivery to Riom, Ennezat, Maringues…

*If you are a producer of Saint-Nectaire Fermier, that you deliver to Clermont-Ferrand and its agglomeration, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make your name and contact details appear on this page so that St-Nectaire lovers can order you.

To choose your cheese if you have the possibility of going there do not hesitate a second. Indulge yourself you !

Go to the producer

If you are at this very moment the Puy-de-Dôme and Cantal, the question does not arise : It gently off his computer and it goes directly from one of the AOP producers. More economical than buying digital, you will gain time and money.

You are unfortunately too far from the Cantal and Puy-de-Dôme to pick it up ? Have you thought about WE provide a near Saint Nectaire ? So you can bring your holiday a package of memories and a box of cheese… Malin non ?

Order online on the internet

Otherwise as a last resort there is Internet, you can order one or more whole cheeses, half, quarter. You will receive your package directly to home. 🙂

Not all producers offer online sales, only some offer it.

Being a fresh product is carefully packaged to ensure the best terms of transport. To avoid temperature differences cheese is placed in an insulated box with blocks refrigeration. This explains the amount of shipping which amounts to almost cheese…

Once received at home, out the fast of the package then place in the refrigerator.

2 thoughts on “Home delivery ?

  1. In order to help the manufacturers of saint-nectaireI would like to order
    An entire saint nectaire . How much would it cost me and is it possible ? I'm on joinville -le-pont in Val de Marne (Parisian region )
    thank you for your comeback.
    Kind regards,

    • Hello, it depends on the producers and your location, count approximately twenty euros. To find out more, don't hesitate to contact one of them., their coordinates are mentioned to you.

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