Service area for motorhomes

Friends motorhome you are looking for a service area ? It is here…

camping parking sign forThese technical areas are intended to facilitate emptying gray water, black water but also the supply of drinking water and deposit of garbage.

If you go through Saint-Nectaire, that you will make a stop know that three campsites in common offer a special terminal for Motorhomes. Note that a separate area is available on the Route des Granges.

Rates : About 4 € for a drain and refill water. Note that if you have a location in the camping, appointment at the front desk for more information but access to the area's FREE !
Open from early April to late October the area allows you to drain “sewage and toilet” safe. Arrived at the service area, position your vehicle in the axis of the drain and drain in workmanlike. Whatever the size of your vehicle put on the slab and make your drain freely, rinsing, with access to drinking water, more taps are available.

As a reminder there are two types of sewage and garbage are not in the same way, greywater : Water from the shower, two lavabo, the kitchen sink (Discharged by pipe / valve). Blackwater : Water from toilets (Drain by pouring). For reasons of hygiene and respect for nature does not drain anywhere ! THE NON emptying SAUVAGE !

5 thoughts on “Service area for motorhomes

  1. Hello,

    Since camping-cariste and to pass this Easter WE in St Nectaire, I was greatly surprised at this Panel at the entrance of the village knowing all the campsites open until the 11 April !!!. We entered the village for whether there is a parking area for camper therefore regulated as indicated !!! but nothing. Please let us know where we can park in Saint-NECTAIRE when campsites are closed.

    Kind regards

      • And finally how were you able to solve your problem of parking ? This could be useful to other camper in the same situation as you. Have you visited a campsite of nearby cities ? In Murol for example ?

  2. Murol there is a camping area because …drain and free filling then parking a l office of the tourist

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