How to compose a cheese platter ?

In the land of gastronomy, it is difficult to imagine a meal without cheese. It into several large families need to know to combine, culinary art to master to meet the expectations of the papillae.
The constitution must be both aesthetic, balanced while offering a variety of flavors.

The rules :

Le support : It must be in a natural material, en bois, one marbre, en ardoise, but it is imperative to avoid the plate !

As part of a meal with family or friends on the number of people at the table tray is considered differently. There will be more people and more you can afford to add cheese. To clone an idea, less than 10 persons at the table, not anticipate that large maximum half a dozen choices. Take a quick calculation, for a portion for normal count less than 80g per head.

The 5 families combine cheeses : Cows, sheep, goat, …

  • Fresh dough : Empty, Faisselle…
  • Soft dough : Vacherin, Munster…
  • Pressed : Artison, Cantal, the famous Saint Nectaire
  • Goat : Chavignol goat cheese, brick, plug, blue…
  • Veined : Bleu d'Auvergne, Carré d'Aurillac, Roquefort…

The presentation of your composition

Color harmony, shape and textures present in the bell with a wooden stand for authenticity. Enhance your service decorating with greenery and or accessories. Some organize them by classifying them by flavor, no other content mouth,

Choose either cut some pieces prior to accelerate service, on meals with more people, promote the aesthetics of the whole product even if sometimes some timid hold not daring to begin….

Be a good tea but for which ?

For the pleasure of daily

This is a very personal composition, Products you have selected are those that will seduce your taste buds day after day. Point your choices to your favorites, cheese you do not tire, and do not hesitate to try new from time to time, may be good surprises ahead.

Take your assortment of refrigerator, a cool room or ideally your cellar and present it on the table. After dessert or salad when it is equally enjoyed lunch as for dinner. Some even eat at sunrise from bed breakfast with bread and jam.

To delight its guests

Know their tastes or diversify pleasure is paramount. Indeed, although it is advised to take all popular products, one must also know how in originality.

At first not to take risks and match its base some great sweet and strong AOP recognized by all : County, Bleu d'Auvergne, Saint Nectaire course, Brie Headache, and why not gruyere for children.

With a well stocked tray will prevent industrial cheeses to give them a chance to unusual cheeses. Cf : Vache qui rit, Samos, Babybel, Saint Moret, Left, Boursin…

Suggestion Auvergnate

Depending on your geographic location make the choice of regional and local products. France is the land of cheese, so wherever you are you will find something for everyone. If your friends are from a region with PDO, do not forget your range of flavors.

Why not a typical Auvergne tray consisting of Gaperon, Saint Nectaire, Cantal, Salers, Bleu d'Auvergne or fourme d’Ambert

Equip her kitchen

Plateau and Nuova knivesYou want to buy and equip a plateau, combined with knives, order on the internet and receive the maison.Nuova 35cm X 20 cm, supplied with 4 cutting tools. Price: Less than € 35 with free shipping.


Think Beast

Do not forget to chambering your cheese : Away about an hour before eating. The pieces should not touch and have sufficient space to separate.

Allow several knives, we do not address the tray with the same cover as the meal, ideally we need one for each category of cheese so as not to mix and degrade their unique flavors.

Do not forget the bread quantity may be diversity and, pain complet ou traditionnel, with nuts or blue, the cereal rye or special.

Also serve a good bottle of red that will accompany them during this tasting. Consume with moderation of course.

You are ready to take mouthing, then know it must be done under the rule of milder to more tasty bite. If you are afraid that some do not recognize cheese, Create a quiz or poke the toothpicks with the label with their name.

And you know what is the composition of your ideal plate ?

Share with us your tricks and your trays why not with a photo ?!

One thought on “How to compose a cheese platter ?

  1. Hello

    My paternal grandmother who was Norman “fine gueule” were it , said that st-nectaire was the King of cheese and God knows if we have choice in France , a well refined st-nectaire is a real joy .

    Congratulations to your new campaign …
    Continue to defend agriculture the real that makes living persons who comply with their animals and their terroir

    Just a small flat on wine all red wines only “go” not necessarily : almost all of the bordeaux idem for the Côtes du Rhône
    Languedoc Roussillon ,
    perhaps to avoid the gamay grapes or wines mountain
    a st pourçain may go without a problem .
    Some white wines in my modest opinion work muscats dry viognier …
    Anyway it is you like !

    Kind regards
    JJ HAS

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