An appellation of origin and protected

The Auvergne soil is rich in Saint Nectaire, to protect what makes it exceptional is now controlled and has a protected designation of origin. At the heart of the Central Massif between Puy de Dôme and Cantal is held here every production AOP.

Produced and matured in the area where the humidity is highest in the department. Indeed this cheese requires a specific climate, both hydration before grazing fields to the atmosphere during the refining.

St Nectaire cheese which is manufactured in a very restricted area , the’AOP.

Local product

His recipe requires several steps, first then pressed curd cheese is a result of a specific milk from.

69 municipalities that produce Saint Nectaire PDO, in mountain areas for the majority they are also found in the Domes Region Cézallier and Cantal.

Approved zone of the Puy de Dôme

Located in the southwestern county (63) AOP area breaks down as follows :

  • Township Besse Chandesse
  • Township of La Tour d'Auvergne
  • Four municipalities in the canton of Tauves
  • Six municipalities in the canton of Rochefort
  • Seven municipalities of the canton Champeix
  • Ten municipalities in the canton of Ardes on Couze
  • Five municipalities in the canton of Saint Amant

Area approved of Cantal

In the northern department (15) PDO comes from the following websites :

  • Canton des champs
  • Canton of Condat
  • Six municipalities in the canton of Allanche + City Allanche same

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