How to choose your cheese ?

Before choosing a cheese must first identify what is the need, quel usage will : For a recipe or to complement a cheese platter ?
A non St Nectaire, of Saint Nectaire because there are a multitude, fresh cheese ripened cheese maturation stages give different flavors.

Support is also important, cheese it is consumed as it should ? In state of the art for its texture and taste ? To you estimate that that will complement your meal or your snack, if you want to embed in tray it is here that it happens.


Take care to make your selection based on refining, of the provenance (AOP), whether you want a rather mature cheese or rather tome ?

The best time of production remains the summer and fall, cows are in close, fed on fresh grass that is where the Saint Nectaire once refined take its best flavor.

Use your senses

Use your senses and choose the Saint Nectaire that take place on your cheeseboard : Whether or not more or less refined, at your leisure… Watching him you will appreciate the appearance of the crust, thickness and color : White through yellow to reddish.

By pressing it you will soon realize the type of cheese in question, coulant your name, it should be soft without much softness. The smelling it must also be able to guide you in your choice, if you would recognize the smell fungus, is hazelnut you find in the mouth.

And what is the best wine ?

If we begin by recalling that the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health and must be consumed in moderation though, it goes well with cheese and including Saint Nectaire. Instead, choose a light red wine, even served a little cool he got married perfectly.

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