Freeze your cheese ! ?

Purists and cheese lovers in general will tell you that it is unthinkable to freeze a St Nectaire… Maturation one effet a permanent, it is the same principle cheese, freeze is cutting this evolution. From another point of view it is also a good way to keep for later.

Even if its taste change according to the period the cheese is produced throughout the year, so rather than freeze, buy more frequently in the chiller and enjoy the difference.

Packing and cutting

To garnish your cheese in a few months, pack in a freezer bag (or plastic clingfilm) Saint Nectaire your whole or cut, this will allow you to come and serve you in the freezer for several portion according to the actual need. (Never refreeze thawed before Saint Nectaire).

The output of the freezer

Move the cheese or the portion from the freezer to the refrigerator for a period of thermal transition. This may take several hours so be providing and anticipate cravings…
Eat cheese quickly after thawing, you can be will realize that it has already lost much of its flavor and texture of the original.

Note that if the thawed product disappoints you you always have the option to cook and make a delicious recipe for cheese.