Direct sales : Map of farmers

You are round here and looking where to buy your St-Nectaire ?
It may already be on your way…
This card lists for you Agricultural Operative groups in Common offering or Dairy Farmers Saint Nectaire PDO.

All year round you can visit one of these GAEC, Associations, Companies to get a dairy farmer or AOP (Depending on the place of production), locate directly on the map then make your choice.

Organic producers Producer of farmhouse cheeses BIO.
farmers Producer of cheese farmers.
Refiners Refiner PDO area.
House PDO The House of Cheese and Interprofessional Union.
Dairy Producer dairy cheeses.
Information Tourism Office of Saint Nectaire.
Snow Winter sports resort.

Direct sale to the public

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Find a producer near !

Directly from producer to consumer, skip intermediaries and go out to meet those who know their product : Producers. Come get your cheese at the farm, whether during a ballad, a day in the snow, a tourist stay…

Go shopping but not only !

In addition to find local products, hospitality of Auvergne, learn the operation and cheese, icing on the cake some of these farms offer tours of their facilities.

Enjoy the experience and hospitality of your hosts for advice and thus find the cheese matures according to the expectations of your palate.

List of farms currently listed

Follow the road of cheeses, a culinary journey throughout the AOP Zone.
For this appointment in one of the Auvergne GAEC offering in their shop Saint-Nectaire AOP.

List already * registered : GAEC de Bertinet, GAEC du Shed, GAEC de la Bonne Etoile, GAEC du Bois Joli, GAEC Chantaduc, GAEC de la Cime des Près, GAEC Clavel, GAEC de la Clef des Champs, GAEC de la Ferme Duclos, GAEC de la Ligulaire, GAEC de la Rose des Vents, GAEC Road Cellars, GAEC de l'Oiseau, GAEC des Monts Dores, GAEC des Clipboards, GAEC des Violets, GAEC Tixier, GAEC of Auliac, GAEC Four Espinasse…More to follow !?*

*The list is obviously not exhaustive, help us to complete.
Have no mercy and notify us of any error which would inadvertently inserted into this cheese mapping… 😉

Add a new professional AOP

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You are producer, producer Saint Nectaire PDO Farmer, you are refiner, refiner, but do not appear on this map ?

Comment y figurer ? It's very simple : Complete this form so that we can update the map with your details and related information.

Know more your registration will be complete and your file will be relevant so do not hesitate to provide the information that you think would be useful !

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