The dolmen of Mont Cornadore

The Saint Nectaire has several dolmens, including the Mont Cornadore but also the Pineyre.

What is a dolmen ?

A dolmen is a monument intended for burials, shaped table with an artificial mound galleries scaffolded with stone supports and earth.

Centuries after centuries, the time gradient dolmens, the mound more than stone. Now they look different but let imagine what it was there thousands of years. An entrance carved into the rock (One or more plates) and the central piece that would serve as burial chamber.

The architecture of dolmens vary geographically, Auvergne they are usually quite simple but in other regions such as Brittany dolmens had galleries with several pieces.

Regarding the dolmens of St Nectaire…

Dolmen of Mont Cornadore

Appointment at Mount Cornadore to discover the granite dolmen of Saint Nectaire, on the high of the city is always in equilibrium and that for thousands of years.

View No.1 Dolmen Mount Cornadore
View No.2 Dolmen Mount Cornadore
View # 3 Dolmen Mount Cornadore

It actually dates from the Neolithic and was documented in the 19th century by inspection of historical monuments in the person of Prosper Mérimée.

Location map

Dolmen of Pineyre

His name Dolmen Pineyre is inspired by the word pin omnipresent vegetation around.

At the heart of a small pine wood between Châteauneuf and Freydefond, from each of 25 tonnes of basaltic. Repeatedly looted the site has nothing revealed in archaeological excavations, he lost two of its four supports at the origin.


Location map