Editing 2014 at Chastreix

It was at Chastreix (for its Festa) Friday 15 August 2014. With the 13th national competition of the Saint-NECTAIRE. Deliberation of the jury the morning and the public tasting afternoon.

Affiche du concours annuel de Saint Nectaire (2014)A day in the morning until late into the night with dancing. Many animations with a market of local products, cheese tastings, auvergnat folklore, a carriage ride.

The morning : Competition cheeses PDO and presentation of cattle

  • From 9 h to noon will be the official contest of Saint Nectaire with the election Board of the best farmer's cheese (60 producers represented), Best milk cheese (4 companies represented) and the best affineur (8 Masters-refiners represented).
    In parallel will be held a presentation of three bovine breeds : The Simmental, Abundance and cow Salers.
  • 11h30, mass at the Church of Saint-Bonnet at Chastreix.
  • 12h30 : Awards for the winners of the contest and cocktail offered by the commune of Chastreix.

Lunch : Reservations 04-73-21-52-00

Lunch menu : Of the Saint-NECTAIRE cheese tart, Salad, the Guinea fowl with sauce gentian and trim, cheeses, a pastry and coffee.
18€ par adult (Drinks not included) and €10 per child under the age of 12 years.

The afternoon : Bovine competition and animations

  • From 1: 30 p.m. : Competition breeds of dairy cows : The Montbéliarde and the Prim'Holstein.
  • 15h : Animations with demonstration of Sheepdogs, sled dogs, sand-beef, women's boots of straw thrower, demonstration of the mat (Large wood who wields two people saw)…
  • 17h30 : Awards for the winners of the contest Montbéliarde and Prim-Holstein.

The evening : Meals, music, dance and show

  • 19h : Music and ability to restore with sausages/fries.
  • 21h opening of the ball.
  • 22h : Fireworks.

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