An aerobics session at Lignerat center

From latin Aqua and from greek Gumons, water aerobics is a water sport : Gymnastics in water. Practice here in Saint Nectaire spa town of Auvergne.

You are in the pool, monitor offers available all movements, simply choose your group level. Both for large than for small, for sports and for relaxation times water aerobics is open to everyone.

For an invigorating activity where training exercises are many you can learn to control your breathing, work your shoulders, your arms and abs, thighs, buttocks… Water helps slow movements and reduces the bather in its effort, significantly reduced risk of shocks and muscle pain..


Classes are held at the center Thermadore, in the hotel pool.

  • Le vendredi de 20h à 19h15
  • On Wednesday two 13h45 à 14h30 et de 19h15 à 20h
  • Le vendredi de 19h15 à 20h
  • On Saturday from 13h45 à 14h30

The courses are supervised by a professional graduate BEESAN : Education, training, oversight of swimming.


An aerobics session for 8 €, possibility of taking a multi card sessions : 6 water aerobics for € 46 or € 2 discount, 10 necks aerobics 68 € or 12 € discount.
Book your tickets by phone.


Phone number : 04 73 78 83 47
website : Thermadore
Address : Centre Thermadore, Avenue du Docteur Roux in Saint-Nectaire (63710)