Farm Chabot in Espinasse

Looking for a Saint-Nectaire Farmer ? On a cool and tasty bite Gaperon ? On a warm welcome ?

Saint Nectaire Fermier Chabot

Also known as the GAEC Ligulaire, the farm is perched 1000 meters and has more than 50 dairy (Prim’Holstein & Montbéliarde). The group takes its name from a protected flower : Ligulaire the Siberian, to see it bloom, appointment in August near the Narse Espinasse.

La production
Cheeses for sale are produced and refined locally by Liliane and her daughter Aurélie (Young Ambassador of the PDO in la campagne 2013). Award-winning 2011 with a first place in the competition of Saint-Nectaire, Chabot family participate in the edition 2013 the same competition when the medieval fair in St-Nectaire in Majesty.

The shop and the maturing cellar

Open Monday to Saturday from 11h to 18h. Closed holidays. If there is nobody to check a small bell is available next door.

Once inside, it is your taste buds to shop :

  • Saint Nectaire Farmer : Around for gourmands, available in half and quarter for smaller appetites. Practice also for hikers who do not want to clutter but want a little taste of terroir next picnic.
  • The Gaperon : Costs, creamy, easy à tartiner, guaranteed success in children. It will be sold in a small cardboard box, handy so you can carry it without risking crush or deform !
  • Butter farmer : To rediscover what is really good taste of butter cow.
  • Brioche Tomme : For lil brekkie, to taste, ention in or dessert, It also goes well with coffee.

At the back of the room a window allows visitors to discover the maturing cellar. Dozens of cheese stored on rye straw, so enjoy the different stages of maturation, from the quark to the ready-to-eat (> 28 days Ripening).

Methods of payment accepted : Checks and cash.

How to get there : Location map

Address : Espinasse – 63970 Saulzet le Froid
Phone : 04 73 79 31 32
Email Adresse : gaecdelaligulaire{@}

Located in the town of Espinasse Saulzet-le-Froid you will have no trouble finding, only 25 minutes from Clermont Ferrand, follow signs for Bordeaux, Returning, Le Mont Dore, La Bourboule.
Theix go and keep the direction of Bordeaux Scrim up Randanne where you will turn left towards Le Mont Dore, Le Guéry. Continue this road on your D983, small winding road that already gives you an overview of your destination, prairies, flowers and open spaces.
Roll 5 minutes then you see a sign indicating the Chabot farm, then turn left towards Espinasse, through the village, you will recognize a second panel that let you hear that you have reached your destination.

If you come from Besse, go through Murol then continue towards Clermont-Ferrand. A Zanières take on your left towards Saulzet-le-Froid, through the village and then take a right towards Espinasse, Here you finally arrived.

Beware if you get the address into your GPS beware it does not lead you to Espinasse (63390) in Combrailles, you would indeed a beautiful detour but is unfortunately not find the farm Chabot. One address : 63970 Espinasse common Saulzet-Le-Froid.

Who said said cattle herding dogs but rest assured that cynophobes two Border Collies are extremely courteous, with visitors, they do not bark, not grumble and greatly appreciate the caresses ! 🙂

Other outlets

If you go further north Espinasse but want to get the cheese farm, appointment in one of the other outlets nearby.

Saint Bonnet near Orcival Formerly VIVAL, SCOPA in the front of the church.

Theix : Rabatet Fruits & Local products.

Markets department

Cournon Auvergne : Every Saturday morning on the square Joseph Gardet from 8h to 13h.

Royat : Regional market instead of the spa park, from 9am to 13pm Friday (From April to October only).

Nearby Attractions Espinasse

You are visiting the area, so here is a list of attractions of the area :

  • The promenade towards narse of Espinasse : Former crater lake today bog, it is there that pushes the Siberian Ligulaire, be careful this is a marshy area.
  • Le Puy de l'Enfer : The former career Pouzzolane
  • For lovers of beautiful scenery : In the background a beautiful view on the chain of Puy.
  • Pessade nature center : Possibility of beautiful walks, you ski de fond, dog sled and snowshoe hiking in winter, summer racing guidelines are organized as well as sled dog rides but this time with trolley…