The promotional campaign of Mars 2013

At the end of March 2013 Saint-Nectaire campaigning again, you will discover two famous magazines : Current woman & TV Magazine.
September 2011 if you good memory you may remember another promotional campaign : Posters 4×3 and the publication of advertisements in TV Magazine and in Femina magazine. It is therefore not the first time that the Saint-Nectaire is invited in the clipboard but this year even if the message remains the same final, the audience is much more focused.

If there is a little less than 2 years the idea was to highlight terroir and preserved spaces, this year it is women who are being honored. In this action to promote Inter profession of Saint-Nectaire values ??foremost know-how, it through two portraits : Aurélie in the Puy de Dôme (GAEC de la Ligulaire) and Marylène in the Cantal. Two ambassadors of the same age : 26 years, their second common ? The passion of this AO.

Soon kiosks…
Released in Women Currently in full screen on a little less than 900 000 copies and TV Magazine in a brochure 2 components (whether 4 pages) pulled 5 million copies !

Current Woman Insert

In magazines Current woman Monday 18, Monday 25 and Saturday 30 March 2013

Inset preview

In the TV Magazine Wednesday 20 March 2013

This requires a technique mastered AOP, it is transmitted from mother to daughter and makes a Saint-Nectaire cheese exception. In fact, the milk does not turn alone AOP, once finished trafficking, milk is collected for junket, curdled, molded, salt, pressed and refined. All these steps are essential and inseparable, without this unique know-how can the Saint Nectaire Farmer could not be today boast of its particle AOP …

A women

France 3 hand to meet 3 young women who embody the new generation of producers.

Report dated 2011 on the role of women in the production of Saint-Nectaire, proposed and realized by France 3 Auvergne.

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