Architectural treasures Spa Towns

The spas have always had a special architecture, and Saint-Nectaire is no exception to the rule.

The unique architecture of these spas and has evolved through time, you find yourself strolling through the streets of City. Short walk to discover the places of treatment, sandstone your wandering look up to great architecture hotels, palaces and villas surrounding other. Visible from afar church culminates in Saint Nectaire, with its architecture romane it would be a shame not to visit.

In Family unavoidable there's the ancient baths today transformed into Tourist Office, useful for the rest of your visit, notify you according to your wishes : Culture, discovery, tours…
Then try the side of the casino (and kiosk) but also to the baths, the one as the other show as well as their outer intérieur.Les their establishments spa care settings and / or temple of relaxation full of ornaments and fine decorations.
Continue through the landscaped park and refreshment water source, a stroll in good weather is more pleasant. Ideal for a breath of fresh air and his time on one of the benches available.
For those who want even more aware that this year an exhibition will take place for you to present photo, videos, info.

The anniversary exhibition 2013

For 15 years of road spas Massif Central, photos and videos are organized exhibitions in the thermal city parks concerned. Thus for example appointments Saint Nectarius or one of the other participants in the event stations, open exhibitions of 15 may 2013 the 30 October 2013.

When visiting QR code are available for visitors on the information panels, they allow to obtain more information using their SmartPhone / Tablet.

A contest is organized for photo enthusiasts, more info on the website below it.

Discover program on the official website Route Cities Waters Massif Central.

Guided tours are at 11:30 am the 18 July, 25 July, 1er août, 8 August and 15 August 2013. plan your picnic for the pic nic lunch in the heart of the thermal park. Book your place by contacting Tourist Office.

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