The 10 preparations Véronique Chapacou

To discover original preparations, Here is a collection of 10 revenue based solely on Saint-Nectaire by Véronique Chapacou.
With a first edition dated 2009, This paperback edition of the Epure entitled : Saint-Nectaire, ten ways to prepare. For ideas, to discover new alliances, to impress your friends and delight your family, Here proposed by a passion for cooking range.

There's something for everyone, inputs and entrees all based this PDO cheese.

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List 10 dishes in this book

  • n°1: The Welsh rarebit Auvergne, flat Welsh origin for the product Auvergne.
  • n°2: Terrine with dried fruits, combining flavor and terroir.
  • n°3: Crispy ravioli, misuse of a product from Italy.
  • n°4: The Omelette, a second recipe adapted from Italy.
  • n°5: Cutbacks in Saint-Nectaire, to fix all flavors.
  • n°6: The ribs of veal Orloff, the meat mixture / cheese.
  • n°7: The Jerusalem artichoke pie / Saint-Nectaire, easy to achieve.
  • n°8: Broth chestnuts accompanied by scones Saint-Nectaire.
  • n°9: The salade of lenses Tied.
  • n°10: Sandwiches Saint-Nectaire confit garlic and ham.

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10 pages 10 receipts, try and give us your feedback !

The other ten tens

This book comes from the collection The 10 ways to prepare… with the collaboration of various authors, the concept was declined with a multitude of ingredients, also discover dozens of other recipes…

Broccoli,turnip,rocket,radishes, peas, the carrots, chickpea, zucchini, la laitue, artichoke, Potato, l’endive, French fries, pumpkin, cucumber, l’aubergine, l’asperge, the quinoa, leek, algae, la figue, pear, gooseberry, the tomato, pepper, l’ananas, le melon, la mûre,la fraise, apple, lemon, grapefruit, l’abricot, la mangue, Advocate,is assigned the, watermelon, la chataigne, la Framboise, the datte, la noisette, l’amande, citrus, la noix, the Noix Macadamia, le pied de cochon, Beef, boar, la charcuterie, pellets, the queue, heart,the sausage noirele parma ham, Iberian ham, duck, lamb, rabbit, chicken, the pig, foie gras,sweetbreads, le sang, mullet, la sun, la truite, lobster, la sardine, Langouste, herring, molds,the bisque homard,cuttlefish squid and octopus, l’anguille, anchovy, le bar, le thon,Oyster, mackerel, salmon, Coquille St Jacques,la lotte, the caviar, Birthday Cake, white chocolate,the cocoa fève, le speculos, chocolate cake, sweet tapas, le miel, chocolate, treats, cheese, Camembert, raw emmental, fresh square, Roquefort, butter, milk, cream, the strainer, maroilles, mozzarella, goat cheese, the stew, pate en croute, couscous, Tortilla, the riz en paella, the remains of bird you can, dumplings, the fried egg, eggs, le sel, le curry, the little gray, pepper, l’ail, basil, à la menthe, them cumin, capers, the canelle, the Verveine, le cèpe, la truffe, the soy sauce, leftovers, the poutargue, l'someone nori, candied chestnuts, the cardamome, Espelette, zest, the fig leaf, beans, lemongrass, le tofu, le pain sec, for those who do not like REGLIS, le panais,l’estragon, the mimolette, le brocciu, maize, radicchio, the shells, broth, la moutarge, la gauffre, le coing, le haddock, egg white, le pâté Henaff, bouquet garni, the spiruline, sea ??spiders, the limpet, l’obsiblue, The badiane, shells, the croquettes, the piquillo, l’empanada, the condiments, cigar, le thé matcha,the pesto, the goya, orange blossom, flour, stuffed, le yuzu, with gaspacho, flowers, peelings, the risotto, ginger, summer soups, la betterave, olive oil, la rose, the lavande, la vanille, tea, Winter soups, egg, le pain, l’oxalis, bull fighting, pasta, sherry vinegar, the coconut milk, balsamic vinegar, the coca cola, le whisky, cider, wine, champagne, beer, la vodka, yellow wine.