A recipe for 'croque monsieur' ?

Simple and quick to make, croque monsieur adapts very well to Saint Nectaire, much more than the usual tasty bite emmental…
Also called Croque or crok this hot sandwich bread is usually offered with just ham and cheese. Usually returned to the stove, it also prepares the oven or in a dedicated device, it depends on the equipment available…


What you really need is ?

Prepared for over a century, it comes from a Parisian cafe. Browned and sometimes dipped in beaten eggs there are as many variations as there are cooked, but here we will focus on the recipe in Saint-Nectaire. The croque monsieur is appreciated by all, then why not garnish this delicious AOP ?

So easy to do…

The preparation is extremely simple but it depends on your hardware, if you have a special device croque monsieur (Or waffle flexible and adaptable) it is the ideal, but a toaster will do…

In poele

Butter one side of each slice of bread, then place them on the buttered side in the pan about three minutes, the time they burn a little, then add the cheese so that it melts and then the ham to warm it. Then add your favorite ingredients, so that it takes a little temperature and then serve hot !

The toaster

This kitchen utensil you will be very convenient for grilling and heat your bread, it complements the pan but does not melt the cheese if the slice is too thick.

The oven

In a dish, position your croques, a slice of bread, ham, cheese (St nectaire) then the upper edge, You can also add between ham and cheese tomatoes, or other fungi… On the upper portion, you can broil with cheese, Saint Nectaire or another to vary the pleasures.

With special device Crok’

So as to press paninis, you place your sandwich between the two then you press to grill and melt cheese.

One can not speak of the gentleman without mentioning the Croque Madame, there add a fried egg on top riding tranche. 😉