August | Gathering of old tools dealers

Tools Passion organizes its European collection of old tools, where it ? A Saint Nectaire course. When ? In August, specifically the weekend of 15 August, and it is already the sixteenth edition !

Time for a WE Saint Nectaire welcomes collectors and fans of old tools. Specialists come to us from all over France and even Europe for the trading of rare and coveted pieces.

We are far from mere empty attic or flea amateur, by many professionals got there and found there many exceptional objects, some are for sale (Auction), other non. From a few dollars to several thousand there for all purses. For the finest tools, an expert will be present throughout the event to help you estimate the price of the tool coveted. Expertise enabling equitable and fair sales and ensures the authenticity of the product.

Over 30 specialists present their collection, of folk art, rediscover can be objects of everyday life. Attend lectures and demonstrations these tools in wood and metal, and so traveling to the past !

Ustensiles of cuisines, cabinet, Farm Equipment, farm tools, cordonnerie, sewing and more to go.

An event organized by Tools-Passion.

The story of France 3

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