Myocastor and kangaroos breeding

Do you know the myocastor and kangaroos of Saint Nectaire ? Discover the petting zoo * Boissières, ideal for children wanting to pet and feed the animals.

For more than 25 years near a pond between the farm and Murol Saint Nectaire is dedicated to the kangaroo and myocastor or rather Coons. The first is from Australia over there we call the Wallaby, it feeds on plants, but when we talk about it all we think on the small pocket in the abdomen of her mother. The second he comes from South America, close cousin of the beaver is also herbivore but also feeds on seeds. The Coon swarming him in France and some may view as an undesirable…

The tour guide with hearing

More 7000 visitors per year farm presents to the public some animals from distant lands. The adventure begins 1983 with early just myocastor, 9 years later kangaroos arrive at the farm, new attraction but also new challenges with llamas and ponies.

Discover for about 1 time the farm animals, you can feed them with treats that are sold on site : Pain, Carrot… Children will be able to feed the residents of livestock but also caress safely.
Explanatory panels to read about the lives of these animals, you will also find audio racks to facilitate your walk.

Date and time of opening

  • February, March, April, June, September, Halloween and Christmas (during the holidays) : Open from 15h to 17h30.
  • July, August : 7j / 7 de 10h30 à 11h30 et de 14h30 à 18h30.
  • The rest of the year tours are by reservation only for groups


  • Adult Price : 6,80€
  • Child price (-11 years) :5,60€
  • Free for children under 5 years
  • Group rate (20 people minimum) : 4,50€

The methods of payment accepted are :

  • Cash
  • Letter of Credit
  • Holiday vouchers

Access and map contacts

  • Address : Marie Christine and Dominique Sabatier, Boissière, 63710 Saint-Nectaire
  • Phone number : 04 73 88 66 81
  • N° fax : 04 73 88 61 38
  • website :

Keep track of your visit to the farm myocastor / coons / kangaroos, photos and videos are allowed, immortalise the meeting of your children and pets…

Reportage in the show MIDI in France on France 3 :

6 thoughts on “Myocastor and kangaroos breeding

  1. This operation looks more like a small zoo as an educational farm… The entrance fee is not justified, It is disproportionate to the benefit.

  2. We wanted to visit the farm to the corroborated with the kangaroos the 12 August 2014 in Saint-NECTAIRE. Our friend Christophe, reaches of the brain tumor, fatigue quickly and could not therefore not make the visit but he wanted to accompany his children ; also before paying the entry (We were 8 without Christophe) We asked permission to sit waiting on one of the chairs from the small terrace accessible immediately after the start of the visit. We were extremely surprised and disappointed to receive an emphatic ,Despite our explanations and the fact that we pay the entry (Apart from Christophe).
    We are therefore left with a heavy heart, without visiting the site, in attempting to explain to the disappointed children why we did reverse…..
    A beautiful memory of holidays certainly, Thank you for so much inhumanity and misunderstanding.

    • You have is me too I'd be part. I was planning to go there at the time I would hesitate to go there.
      I think that before the business it is necessary to keep or regain his own humanity.


  3. Park human-sized and at this time of the year or calm returns it's very nice. Can take full advantage of everything. Improvements seem to be regularly which is not negligible for the sake of animals and the beauty of the Park.

  4. We went with the family in August in this park. We found the trainers comments very interesting and especially rewarding on all these animals. The people working there are really friendly and available. The kids loved it and the great also.

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