Make a hammam

Discover the benefits of Hammam, how beneficial is it and how should enjoy it. Saint Nectaire spa town also offers sessions Hammam.


If you are in Saint Nectaire and want to make a hammam then make you Thermadore, essential spa town. Have you thought to give you a gift or pleasure to invite someone ? Consult offers available Site.

Principle of care

Enter the hammam, heated room between 40 and 50 degrees with a humidity level 100%. With this water saturation heat becomes unbearable and you can spend levels of higher temperatures. Your body adapts gradually to the atmosphere, relax and sit on heated slabs, if you get too hot you can always decide to take the direction of the shower.

Also good for the head for the body relax in the hammam, the pores of your skin will liberate and purify. Use a loofah to rid you of all impurities, in the shower is your best ally.

Soothe your muscles in this overheated atmosphere, sports will enjoy the moment. Forget the stress of everyday life and enjoy the relaxation area.

The virtues

A time of significant usability is also undeniable way to relax. Decrease in effective stress and skin care at the same time.


For reasons of hygiene obvious swimsuit is recommended to access the hammam, you can also bring a towel to cover or dry output. Also remember to drink regularly, temperature naturally increases perspiration and must therefore drink plenty. To drink is to eliminate toxins 😉


If this is your first steam then start a session with a maximum half an hour, it will be more than enough to enjoy safely. Then take a shower why not enchainer another session.

If you're heart or if you suffer from a dermatological problems take the prior advice of your doctor. The steam can be dangerous for people with circulation problems, it is also highly recommended for pregnant women.

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