Relax in the sauna

Treat yourself a relax time at the sauna, straight from the north, This treatment guarantees you a pure moment of relaxation.

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To one or more sauna, take the road Thermadore available through the plan below.


What is a sauna, just a small piece of wood to dry heat, on e practice since ancient times mainly in the Nordic countries. With a temperature ranging from 70 to 100 degrees the heating principle is simple : Stove and stones store heat. Pour ladles and bowls of water on the stones to create a thick fog. Basically the sauna offers lower atmosphere 20%, suddenly the temperature is much more present than in hammam (To 100% moisture).

The duration of a sauna never more than a few minutes if the temperature is too high, so be careful about its use.


For an authentic sauna you just Grab a towel to cover you, protects against heat especially when you sit on the benches overheated.

Before entering the sauna may be advised to take a shower, one hand hygiene but also to prepare his body, remember to dry before you sit in the sauna.

Make a sauna a few minutes warm enough, you must sweat and breathe deeply while your heart rate increases, out and do not overdo, think to rehydrate between each passage.

And do not forget that if you are in a sauna floors, higher you are and it's hot.

Before making a second heating take a shower, dry and let you spend at least a quarter of an hour.

You can also continue with a third passage, reiterate the same precautions outlined above can enjoy this last session.

Any shower must be taken the cooler as possible to decrease the t ° of the body and restore their normal size blood vessels.


Both high temperatures in the atmosphere of the cold shower sauna provide a unique sensation, to relax, to eliminate stress, to relax, to recover, to stimulate his body and clear the breathing, to relax your muscles and relieve pain… Much reason to make the sauna a fun time.


More than recommended to anyone with cardiovascular problems breathing and asthma.
Never enter a sauna under the influence of alcohol, drug or drug, high risk of accidents.

The Roman Baths

Mercure Saint Nectaire gives access to the relaxation to all its customers. A sauna to relax and recover in one of the most beautiful hotels in the city.

More than recommended to anyone with cardiovascular problems breathing and asthma.

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