The waterfall and the dolmen of salient

Located at 5 minutes drive from Saint-NECTAIRE, take the direction of Issoire.

Arrival in the locality, the waterfall is indicated on your right, you pass a bridge, It is located on the right side you can not miss the.

The cascade Hook

A lava flow on the course of the river which creates a waterfall of 7 meters high. Swimming is of course prohibited, It is only intended for the pleasure of eyes and ears.

The puck from Roland

Since the waterfall, the dolmen is indicates, You must get there on foot because the track is way prohibited for cars. You continue walking on an easy path before arriving at the field where the dolmen half buried in the Earth, count less than a quarter of an hour on quiet.

Dolmen Saillant

It takes its name from an old legend, a man named Roland, man with supernatural powers would thus launched and frozen this slab in the Earth such that it is visible today.

It measures 8 meters in diameter and about 2 metres in height, It is made of 5 pillars and dominated by a slab of basalt, a cover weighing approximately 10 tonnes. According to Dr. Pommerol excavations (19century) the dolmen dates back to the end of the 3rd millennium before our era.

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