La Godivelle : His church, the fountain and the 2 lakes

In the Puy de Dome near the Cantal, it is the highest village of the department. Located more than 1000 meters in the prestigious Regional Nature Park of the Volcanoes of Auvergne La Godivelle is located between two Lakes.

The discovery of the village

Since Saint Nectaire to go to La Godivelle route is simple, take direction Murol, Besse et Saint Anastaise, Compains, Espinchal and then head before you get there turn left on, Godivelle is indicated.

The church of Saint Blaise

The building dates from the 12th century, to enjoy the outside and the inside where you can experience the inevitable Our Lady of The Lakes Godivelle.

It stands out with its representations 7 Sins on the back side of the monument, and even here there are Saint Nectaire cheese : Gourmandise requires.

7 Sins

You will need to recognize greed, the Cole, envy, la gourmandise, la luxure, pride and sloth. Your turn

The largest fountain in the Puy de Dôme !

It stands in the middle of the square, she once used to water the cattle herds in winter. Calf, Cows, Bulls distributed in the stables of the village not supplied with water, the fountain was the venue you daily animal lakes are inaccessible because of snow. It feeds directly into the lake from the top and also used to prevent building fires. Thatch, filled hay barns, they are conducive to rapid development of flames.
The fountain remains today one of the pride of the village and continues its role as a drinking trough for a few cows, horses, dogs.. Note that the flowing water 4 taps is perfectly drinkable, ideal supply for hikers, cyclists, riders and their mounts.

A few meters away in the wash against low, consisting of two tanks is powered by the fountain.

Both lakes : Top and bottom

The lakes Godivellois

The village of La Godivelle amid two lakes

The lake bottom approximately 10 000 years and was formed as a result of the melting of a glacier. Total area of 10 hectares.

The lake from the top older than 100 000 years, was formed in a volcanic crater in basalt 44 meters. Total area of 15 hectares.

Nature Reserve

Logo of the nature reserve of Sagnes La GodivelleThe reserve is a designated area for storing in its natural state peat near the lake bottom and Coualle Low.
Thousands of years ago the lake bottom was a glacier, today in different form : Bush, shrubs, water and peat landscape is home to hundreds of unique species (Wildlife). View with binoculars at the end of the road lakeside for visitors, Aim well and you may come across one of the birds be present. He lost almost 4/5 of its original area of ??several hundred decades, helping the climate is invaded by peat and the surrounding flora. For history, peat was previously extracted to then be used as a heating fuel.
With the inevitable carnivorous plant, the drozera you can during the summer season discover the reserve Reserve is situated in La Godivelle home (On the village square, in front of the fountain). The summer walks accompanied by Wednesday on the bog, Fridays and Sundays at 3 p.m.. The ride ends with a visit to the House of bogs situated in the Ribeyrette at the intersection between : La Godivelle, Brion and Saint Alyre Es Mountain.

Access to peatlands can be dangerous if you venture out alone, so one would swamp bogging easily. To prevent accidents be vigilant and prefer the presence of a guide if you are inexperienced.

The furnished spaces welcome you with telescope, informative panels, Promenade on pontons, and exhibitions in and around La Godivelle.

The appointments of summer

All summer La Godivelle welcomes you for many events.

The festival committee The Godivelle organizes several events per year in the heart of the village. Rate sports and festive dates coming today…

  • Each year the 14 July : The vide-grenier and painting competition, walks around the village and the market of local products (Among other Saint-NECTAIRE cheese)
  • In August : Petanque competition followed in the evening of the ball

Follow all the news of La Godivelle en 140 characters and images on his Twitter account !

Pétanque in doubles competition of 15 August

The afternoon for the competition of petanque, village resonates successful shots or discontent less fortunate players !!……
See you on Saturday 20 August 2016 in the early afternoon with your hardware alley, go to the registration table for the doubles competition. 80€ for 4 Parties earned, 30€ for 3 Parties earned, a cup for children.
Awards and prizes for all, entries from 2 pm (12€). Start of the contest at 3 p.m.. And refresh yourself at the bar.

Le bal du 20 August 2016 from 9: 30 pm

After playing bocce come dance on the floor
, music and friendliness await you for a good part of the night. Refreshments and snacks on site, Note the presence on the map sandwich Saint Nectaire.

This year (2016) the ball will be hosted by the Orchestra Jean-Pierre Cousteix.

The Land Art festival : Godiv'Art

From end of June to end of September discover the contemporary art of artists of Godiv'Art. Arts facilities in the village and the surrounding nature.

The town's website

Find out practical and useful information about the town : The village, activities, businesses, Tourism, …

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  1. A small village not to be missed, take a walk around the fountain or / and on the edge of the two lakes is a real pleasure.

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