The fish farm : Fish Breeding and direct sales

From birth until your plates discover reared salmonids in fish ponds.

Fueled by Couze Chambon aquaculture extends over an area of 2,8 acres along this tributary of the Allier, which has its source in the valley Chaudefour.
Since ponds for fry, through the rearing ponds and fish processing laboratory.
Production sold on site : Truite fario, arc-en-ciel truite, Arctic char and brook trout.
Riche en Omega-3, minerals, trace elements, vitamins fish is good for health and even warns against certain diseases.

Contacts and visits

Or for a farm visit and buy fish / (Reservations required), contact the facility, it is open all year by appointment.

Responsible : Laurent Monjoin
Address : Les Granges 63710 St Nectaire
Email : lmonjoin{@}
Landline: 04 73 88 63 33
Mobile phone : 06 88 27 25 48

A fish farm to discover south Common Saint Nectaire (Les Granges) Auvergne.

*Protacanthopterygii :

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