What happens to the whey after manufacture ?

If up there from whey the production of cheese cheese was collected, He was not valued. Once used to feed the pigs on the farm, or spread in the fields at the risk of polluting the groundwater and surrounding rivers. Today, There is more pigs on these farms, and the application is binding in terms of logistics, is expensive and it is especially an ecological problem… So it's doubly more interesting to resell this whey, but for this he must first to pasteurize him…

A factory of pasteurization for the farmers

70 farm producers of the PDO cheese box have decided to enhance the whey in him pasteurizing. For this they did build a Tauves pasteurization unit to resell this whey for food industry.

If previously the industry did not interest this small milk because it is unpasteurized, the game has changed. It is now pasteurized, transformed powder and can therefore be transported and used without the risk of proliferation of bacteria. Rich in fat and protein, It will be sold to the agri-food industries for use in human or animal food. A financial windfall that is significant when you consider that before the little milk was collected without financial compensation. Producers therefore have everything to gain from this new process, the product of their work is used, transformed and this makes them money, Initially this money will be used to repay their pasteurization plant (800 000 euros), the collected funds will then be used to reward the work that they do on a daily basis in their respective farms.

Source : France 3 Auvergne

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