The Petit-Saint-Nectaire

The specifications of the PDO cheese admits two types of sizes for the cheese, the classic that everyone knows but also the small. A reduced size, a taste preserved.

As its name suggests it is smaller than the classic cheese. It is a carbon copy in terms of quality, flavor, of recipe and provenance, only the format differs.
This miniature measured 12 to 14 cm in diameter, or almost two times less than the great, has a thickness included between 3,5 and 4,5 cm, as for the great weight does not exceed 1,850 kg.

A reduced format that adapts on demand

If these days everything goes to the miniaturization, the cheese market is no exception. This handheld version” is indeed appreciated by vacationers and tourists who can bring a small taste memory. A treat to remember a stay in Auvergne, or to make an original gift typically Auvergne to his friends. Easier to carry/store than a half cheese, less expensive than a whole cheese large size, but as Sonny !
Prized by restaurateurs, They offer also in their receipts, cut in two by the Middle it allows to do individual portions for the saint nectaire fondues, It is just as good cooked in the truffade, Raclette, pie or aligot

Where to find / buy it ?

There are farmhouse cheese directly in some farmers in and dairy cheese in some dairy producers.

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