Centuries of history

In the 17th century Marshal of France Henri de la Ferte Sennecterre introduced into the court of the Sun King Saint Nectaire cheese famous.
In less than a century he knows how to make a spot on the tables of the French nobility. Indeed, from the 18th century St Nectaire is not only a popular cheese from Auvergne, it is consumed throughout France and especially by aristocrats of the time. In 1768, Legrand d'Aussy during his trip to Auvergne famously wrote :If one wants to treat you, it is always the Saint-Nectaire as you are told.


A farmer cheese also called cheese on rye because it was previously refined on rye straw. Over the years the manufacturing process keeps the traditional design steps and refining, what evolves is the protection of its name : In order to preserve what makes it a unique nutty cheese.

In 1955 it is the consecration, it now stands out among the cheeses AOC. 10 cantons are allowed to produce the Saint Nectaire AOC, they are all located in the Puy de Dôme but also a few in the department of Cantal. Milk AOP used for the production belongs to the region of Monts Dore, between 750 and 1200 meters, processing takes place also in this same area.