Climb the rock of Rivalet

Passionate about extreme sports, Take your strings, your harness carabiners and your departure for the ascent of the rock Rivalet.

If you practice climbing, know that the Saint Nectaire is there a spot : The Rivalet. From its 750 meters that rock is a very good training ground for learning and a key location in the region in terms of climbing. Open all year (Depending on the weather of course) you can with your equipment and your responsibility for climbing within 10 minute Saint Nectaire.

The ordered de 58 South oriented channels, So come enjoy the rock and climb throughout the year. Five segments are all made of granite delimited there are channels for all levels : Between 20 and 80 meters, you have access to climbing routes ranging from 3a to 7b , they are generally equipped with the latest equipment.

Going to rock

From the A75 take the direction of Besse, after Montaigut Le Blanc you cross the bridge Rivalet and choose the direction of the town of Saint Nectaire. The site is indicated and offers visitors (Simple walkers or climbers) un grand parking gratuit.

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