May | The 'Estive' in Allanche

When sunny days return, the herds leave the firm and return to the mountain. This is estive ! They will thus pass between 3 and 4 months in the heights, where the grass is fresh.

To set the mood, a short report on Pierre Brugel which tells us transhumance and life buronniers.


Allanche located in the Cantal organizes every year at the end of May the festival of the summer pastures. Appreciated by purists but also tourists you will find plenty of entertainment and a regional market, Admission is free.
For motorhomes, campsites in the city are provided with infrastructure and services tailored.

The program of the day

Appointment Allanche the last weekend in May for 2 days of festivities around the transhumance

Saturday : Morning, afternoon and evening…

By 9h30, cows arrive at Maillargue.
By 10h30, the priest will bless Allanche herd before his ascension tomorrow. At the same time this will be the opening of the regional market Allanche and the Salers town, Come discover also demonstrations factory Saint Nectaire !
Once blessed, from 10:45 till noon, cows parade in the streets of Allanche.

Starting at 12:30, conservators of the city welcome you with a special meal Estive. You can also go for a meal in the Park : Salers beef on a spit Reservations 0471680210.

All afternoon of 14 for 17h flocks pass one by one through the streets of Allanche. This is the time to appreciate the iconic race of summering : Salers but not only…

From 3: 00 pm : Presentation of Saint-NECTAIRE cheese making and demonstration of mowing à l'ancienne.

20h : Meals.

22h : Opening of the grand bal of the summer with Orchestra

Sunday : Day Drive

Sunday is a day of hiking, accompany the flock to the mountain pastures, direction of buron Paillassère Netherlands (1400m d’altitude).

11 Kilometres very, 11 kilometers back follow cows, calves and bulls for this hike in the Cézallier. So wear appropriate footwear for walking for those who wish to participate.

A 9am start from the city of Allanche, at 10:30 about Pradiers you arrive at a small buffet and some animations midterm. Arrival is scheduled for noon at Buron for picnic. Therefore predict what to eat, de quoi if rafraichir, the buron being in the mountains, you will not find any refueling point other than your backpack.

Here is the path that Google would offer a pedestrian for this transhumance, but to know the exact route, follow the cows 😉

For more information, contact tourist office Cézallier.

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  1. Very realistic movie that makes you want nature, life easy and which sheds light on the notion of responsibility.

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