February | Sancy Snow Jazz

Every year in February the Sancy resonates to the sound of jazz, is the Sancy Snow Jazz.

Since opening night until its closure knows each edition together through dozens of jazz concerts and public. All week, Find the musical scenes from the afternoon, the party will continue to the early evening and for part of the night.

The only festival dedicated to Jazz allows fans to enjoy unique musical performances : Jazz manouche, Swing and New Orleans appointment. In the midst of school vacation (Next area), Liven up your living new cultural outings. After a day or a morning of skiing at one of stations of the massif, leave the snow and take off your hat to the notes to be once again to thrill your ears.

For more information, download the program or visit the website of the event : www.sancy-snowjazz.com

The 28th edition : February 2017

displays SancySnowJazz 2017
Of 4 the 11 February 2017 : Mont-Dore, Besse St. Anastaise, Murat Quaire, Murol, Super-Besse, Saint Diery, Picherande, Egliseneuve Entraigues, Saint-Nectaire, Saint Victor la Rivière, Lomprat, LAQUEUILLE, Tauves.

With Aurore information – Samson Schmitt, Big Band Trio, Caesar PAstre Trio, Bix Beiderbecke with Malo Masuria Conference, Conference Gene Kupra by François Laudet, Favis, Blenkhorn, Denny Ilett , Drew Davies Plays Louis Jordan, Duke, Heitger, Enrico Tomasso's Swing Company, Franck Roberscheuten, Harry Allen, Hetty Kate, Jam Session, Lars Frank, Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick, Raphael Lemonnier & Tricia Evy, Septet Trio +1 Super Swing Project, Three Blind Mice, Uros Peric.

The 27th edition : February 2016

displays SancySnowJazz 2016

Of 20 the 27 February 2016 : In the Mont-Dore but also to Besse St. Anastaise, Murat the where, à Murol, à Super-Besse, at Saint-Diery, à Picherande, Egliseneuve Entraigues, in Saint-NECTAIRE, Saint Victor la Rivière, à Lomprat, Laqueuille and Tauves.

The 26th edition : February 2015

displays SancySnowJazz 2015

The 26th edition : February 2015

Saturday 14 February 2015 Saturday 21 February 2015 venue for concerts in several communes of the Sancy : Mont-Dore, à La Bourboule, Egliseneuve Entraigues, Besse et Saint Anastaise, Saint Victor la Rivière, à Murol, à Super-Besse, à Lomprat (Saint Pierre Colamine), Murat the QADRI and Saint-NECTAIRE.

Georges V, Claude Tissandier et Faby Medina, Carl Schlosser Trio, ULF Sandstrom, Denise Gordon, Dominique Magloire, Don Vappie, Enrico Tomasso, Frank Muschalle, Guillaume Drum Clinic, Guy Bone, La section Rythmique, Les Violons de Bruxelles, Leslie Lewis, Michel Pastre Quartet, Mr Bo Weavil, Nicolas Dary, Pablo Campos, Patrick Artero, Smoky Midnight Gang, Sweet Dixie, The Charlie Christian Project.

displays SancySnowJazz 2014

The 25th edition : March 2014

1 to the 5 March, concerts in Saint-NECTAIRE, in le Mont Dore, à La Bourboule, Besse St. Anastaise, à Super-Besse, Murat the QADRI, à Lomprat, à Murol, à Saint Diery, Egliseneuve Entraigues, Saint Pierre Colamine, Saint Victor la Rivière.

With : Vintage Jazzmen, Claud Braut Trio, B&B, Nikki and Jules, Oyster Brothers, Case in Pulses, Swingberries, The three Gamberros, Lillian Boutté, Drew Davies, Roy Williams, Michel Pastre Quartet, Silvan Zingg, Daniel Sidney Bechet, Olivier Franc Quartet, Paddy Sherlock, Malo Masuria and Cajoune Swing meeting, Kenny Blues Boss Wayne, Evan Christopher, Django to the Creole.

Back on the 23rd

displays SancySnowJazz 2013Date du festival : Saturday 23 February to Saturday 2 March 2012

Festival on two weeks of festivities around Jazz with not less of 48 concerts scheduled : Mont-Dore, à La Bourboule, à Besse, Chambon / Lake, Murat-le-Quaire, à Murol, à Super-Besse, à Saint Diery,à Picherande, Egliseneuve Entraigues,Saint Victor la Rivière, à Lomprat.

More 50 concerts in the only town of Mont Dore, 14 à La Bourboule, many other cities have also hosted artists in their walls : Besse en Chandesse, Chambon sur Lac, Murat Quaire, Murol, Super Besse, Saint Diery, Picherande, Entraigues Égliseneuve and Saint Nectaire.

Date du festival : Saturday 18 Saturday 25 February 2012

Relive through the story of France 3 Le Sancy Snow Jazz 2012.

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