January | Feast of the pig in Besse

Like every year the festival committee organizes its Besse Saint Cochon, food and festivity throughout the day ! then make you early in the morning on Saturday to celebrate the pig as it should, festivities and terroir appointment.

Saturday 18 January 2020 will be held the 27th edition.

Welcome to Besse Direction Besse Sancy in 25 minute drive from Saint Nectaire and less than an hour from Clermont-Ferrand, a day of gustatory pleasure but also…
Charcuterie and regional dishes but not only, many activities are available everywhere and throughout the day. Concerts, theater, a banda and fanfare, contests and local meals…

This Valentine is marked by festivities in the city of Besse but know that there are other such events across France. They all have a common goal : Enhance meats and pork.

The program of the Art of Bacon

What do you spend a full day, between meals, animations and discover the old town.

Poster of the Holy Pig 2019

In the morning you will be able to enjoy :

Sausage : Baked marc d'Auvergne in the still room Pipet
Bacon and sausage rind at the bar, but also eggs with bacon and fresh sausage the butcher. Square Gayme is the sacrifice of a pig, there are also the coil for sale and tasting.

On the place of the Postern pig on brush, street butchers we are cutting.

Where to eat ? (On reservation)

At 13 o'clock it's time to sit at the table in the multipurpose room for the big meal Cochonnailles. You start with the traditional country drink menu and pig from head to foot, en pâté, en terrine ou gratiné, ham hay and cabbage gratin, then will plateau Auvergne cheese among other Saint Nectaire. Dessert cake of Saint-Antoine.

Remember to book well in advance !!!

Songs & Laughter

Every year shows, concerts, Theatre at the village hall and the cinema of Besse.

Où dîne t’on ? (On reservation)

19H30 in the multipurpose room, dinner time. Remember to book well in advance !!!

Location festivities

Appointment in the center town of Besse, browsing through the different streets and squares.

Who to contact ?

The Festival Committee Besse
Phone : +33 (0)4 73 79 52 84

The editions

Saturday 19 January 2019 was held the 26th edition.
Saturday 20 January 2018 was held the 25th edition.
Saturday 21 January 2017 the 24th edition took place.
Saturday 16 January 2016 took place the 23rd edition.
Saturday 17 January 2015 was the 22nd edition.
Saturday 18 January 2014 was held the 21st edition.
Saturday 19 January 2013 was held the 20th edition.
20 anniversary

4 thoughts on “January | Feast of the pig in Besse

  1. Hello
    We booked since early November 1 room in the hotel for 2 nights to attend the feast of St Cochon.
    When I looked at that time with information concerning this event on the site of the tourist office, nowhere stated that he had booked the meal. Today I call for more information and it tells me that it is full.
    It just sucks and I am very disappointed.
    I was a joy to return to Besse on this occasion….. The joy is gone.
    Thank you.

    Happy holidays to you.

    the 24 December 2014

  2. Friendly and good child. Still as easy to use and above all very close to our current desires to live between boyfriends and girlfriends without taking the cabbage. Very good atmosphere that deserves more publicity at the national level, even if this year we count on Nicolas Doze of Betty to publicize this event very French and charged with a sense of a France that many regret today.
    Thanks again to my friend Serge, at Vero, and Juju for this wonderful moment. Strongly 2017 and congratulations again !

  3. Hello I would like to know the date of the holy pig for the year 2019 I deal with a club and some of my leaders attending your party so I have to organize a festival in January that's why I need to advance the date thank you

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