Gospel in the city

The 9 December : Happy birthday to all Nectaire ! But do you know why ?

s??.n?k.t?? it is a place, a dairy product, but it is also a name, a name and a Saint.

A little etymology, Nectaire : Male name, that comes World :

  • Botanical, il lonely du GREC Nektar, “the godlike drink”. it is the organ producing le nectar in some flowers. It may take the form of sheets, Petals of a secretory or gland.
  • Ecclesiastical : A Saint came to evangelize the Arverne, of Greek origin also…

A gospel that marked the Arverne

Of Greek origin Ypace young lives not far from Byzantium, after the death of his parents all his goods were confiscated and therefore he decided to seek justice. Towards Rome where he wants to find a solution to recover his fortune in coming to explain to the tribunes, but something else is going to upset his fate.
He begins to forget his first goal when he met a small group of Christians with whom he discusses. He then realizes that his future is not that he believed, he converted to Catholicism and is baptized and Nectaire.

St. Peter himself then confit a specific mission : Starting with Baudime evangelize the Auvergne between Issoire and Les Monts Dore.

Buste de Saint Fines

Saint baudime

Arrived on Mount Cornadore, Nectaire decides to establish its mission and erects a shrine, Instead of preaching and prayer. He died a 9 December the third century, his body will be placed in the same sanctuary such as Baudime thereafter. It is now a place of pilgrimage, Romanesque church. Inside you can find a particular piece of unique value : The reliquary bust of Saint Baudime made of wood and copper.

Now you d’visit the church and find the tent that transcribes the history of Saint-Nectaire ! Regarding the bust, you will have no trouble finding, unless he is traveling… Indeed sometimes the bust of Saint Baudime kind of church, and hand it in time to escape an event or exhibition, the Louvre example…