Visit the bats

Join the night walk “bat” with the’Tourist Office of Saint Nectaire, the meeting is given to you from 20h in the evening of the visit, remember to book.

The visit takes place in two stages : Home with a multimedia presentation followed by a tour of the underground. With a detector ultrasonic you enter the natural habitat of this bat, more exactly the Murine in Daubenton.

Unique in Auvergne you can discover the place of life and reproduction of this small mammal often overlooked. Outdoor Saint Nectaire, near tourist office is a stream and a communal underground which brings together hundreds of animals.
The cave serves as refuge while the stream is her pantry, mosquitoes attracted to water are on the menu. Nocturnal mammal so you can discover together specialists, all in a protected area must be respected, fauna and flora included.

Open to all, as well as for school trips for family viewing area tour lasts approximately 1/2h, starting directly from the’OT it is easy to access, available from June to September (Summer).

Support Action Chauve Souris Auvergne : Association study and conservation of bats.

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