The small’ Viaduct

Located in Saint-Nectaire-le-Bas this stone viaduct is a centenary book.

It connects the Casino at the Hotel du Parc through the spa park, it was built in the late 19th century. Measuring just under 50 meter long, this work of art still allows pedestrians to easily cross the road against low-.

Directed by 1890 by Jean Giraudon which is also the origin of the creation of the park, large baths, du Casino, the expansion of the Roman baths and the construction of several villas… A century later it still reflects the involvement in the development of Giraudon City Saint Nectaire.

To see the viaduct, appointment to Casino. It is also called “Bridge”, it is not only an urban infrastructure, far from being a simple bridge is for many people a real work of art.

The cross to fully appreciate, the direction of walking enjoy nature, ou l’architecture !

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