Ski rental, snowboard, snowshoeing, sledge…

Rent your ski equipment directly on the internet : Direct withdrawal station.
Up’ to -40% discount !

Reservations Station Super-Besse and Mont-Dore but also Northern Alps, Southern Alps, Jura Mountains, Pyrenees, Vosges, Piedmont, Valais.

Want Venini skier but Auvergne but you do not have your own equipment, so you need to go through the system of rent. You can book directly online storage of your choice, and so enjoy your size. Besides passing Internet you get preferential rates compared to a direct rental station. Depending on the length but also the weeks or excluding holidays, you can get great discounts. Saving time and money for you but also for the owner everyone is benefiting and residence is only more pleasant.

Réductions et rabais

Choose quiet type of ski that suits you : Amateur, discovery or competition, place your order in minutes and go quiet. For the safer ski helmet is not compulsory but highly recommended and more for children. Note that for less than 4 € per day you can equip your child such protection.

Rent what you need

On the website you can instantly make your order, Type of ski, length, shoe size, and your material will be reserved for the dates you choose.

Whether for half day, the full day or several days a week shoe you soon with :

  • A pair of downhill skiing, two sticks and shoes
  • Snowboard board, son leash et ses boots
  • A pair of shoes and scooters
  • Ue pair of skiing, two sticks and shoes
  • A pair of snowshoes and poles
  • A sled for her child
  • A protective helmet

Note that the full range of skiing and snowboarding is available for both adults and children. For each person several models available and to make the most select above depending on your level.

Book your equipment online

To begin select the desired station, or that you visit or the one closest to where you walk. The site has selected partners in the heart of the ski resort which you can place your trust. Seriousness and professionalism are waiting for you, cas of learned, check for reviews online have already rented their equipment from these rental.

Once the selected station, you are the areas most relevant locations proposed, find the one that suits you. The pictograms will help you identify, types of rental equipment, presence of a set or not, possibility of delivery, place de parking, ski maintenance (For sharpening quarter or waxing)…

  • Choose start date of hire and date of termination
  • Select the type : Indeed, the following material diverges if you're a man, a woman, a child.
  • Choose the type of equipment : Ski, snow, shoe, snowshoeing, accessories…
  • Give its weight and size settings for attachments if needed
  • Fill your shopping cart in the same way for all family members
  • Or choose not to take insurance against theft or damage to rented equipment
  • Then adjust your order by credit card

No booking fees, reductions throughout the season following the station and the store, 5% extra if you have the loyalty card and still Decathlon 5% discount for families (if you rent more 4 packs).


You will then receive a confirmation email, keep the car it will be useful for removal at shop.

Once the first day of your vacation winter sports here, towards the store with your order to be able to put on and the slopes.

Recover your equipment in one of the three partner stores located Super Besse. Morel Sport Centre, The Bois de la Reine, The Surf : Alpine skiing, snowboard, ski and snowshoe hiking snow, luge and ski maintenance.
A partner institution in Mont Dore : Sport Mountain : alpine skiing, skating, snowboarding, Snowshoeing, sledge, and accessories.