Le Salers

Cantal cheese with uncooked pressed, it is recognizable thanks to its dry crust, thick and flowers. Protected from AOC 1961, il attendra 2003 to have its AOP.

Pur fromage d’estive, Salers comes straight from the mountains of Cantal. It is manufactured for several generations during the transhumance, it is produced from raw cow's milk having grazed on volcanoes Cantal.
It comes in the form of a cylinders the 38 to 48 cm diameter and weighing 35 to 55 kg. Each requires about forming 400 liters of milk !!!

A strict specifications

One of its characteristics is that this cheese is exclusively farmer, ie, it can not be also produced on the operating. The milk is processed on site while it is still hot, just out of the pie, the milk is stored in a timber pot : La Gèrlo. This container gives the cheese its unique flavor.

  • Period production / processing : Only the 15 April 15 November
  • Breed of cattle used : La vache Salers
  • Place of production : Throughout the Cantal, in part of the Puy de Dôme, of Corrèze, Aveyron and Haute-Loire.

A unique manufacturing

To initiate trafficking, we do suckle the calf cow Salers, then removed, it is attached to its side and then trafficking begins. Much more stringent than conventional processes Recommend, this makes an exception Salers cheese.

  1. Treated with calf
  2. Rennet as a coagulant
  3. Decurdling for grain and a compact volume.
  4. First pressing : Multiple and progressive transition to the press
  5. Acidification : The volume is put to rest for a few hours to accelerate the development of ferments.
  6. Milling : Tomme is ground and dirty, then this is the brewing.
  7. Salting : 3 hours maturation salt, mixture and rest.
  8. Molding : Manually packed into the mold, the volume is covered with a cheese cloth to drain.
  9. Second pressage : 48h de presse, repeatedly returned cheese takes its final form.
  10. Refinement : Minimum 3 month to 24 months in a cellar months 14 ° and high hydrometric. Throughout the ripening period, the fourmes are turned and bowed several times a week.

For more information on this PDO, go directly to the the inter-site or that of AOP Auvergne.

Home Salers

Come take a tour of the House of Salers, to learn all about this breed of cow and its exceptional cheese. It is open daily !

A footpath allows you to connect the village of Salers House, you will find there a botanical garden and a playground and recreation for families.

Inside : A performance space that will tell the story of the cow and its cheese, animations, exhibitions, a space to enjoy tasting local products (Cheese and meat), shop to bring back some souvenirs and other gourmet…

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